Money Tips for Recent Grads

Helpful tips for recent grads

Congrats are in order to all you recent graduates! Now, whether you just finished high school or college, it’s important to prepare for the financial choices ahead. Here are three tips to help you create an awesome money plan.

1. Figure out how much you’ll earn

Are you getting a summer job? Are you starting a job at your dream company? In either case, be sure to figure out how much you’ll be bringing home. That’s the basis of creating any budget or money plan.

2. Decide what’s important to you

Prioritize setting aside money for bills and groceries, of course. But, what else is important to you? Is creativity something you value? Or, giving generously? Be sure to make space for those things. The key here is to make sure your budget helps you live out what’s important to you.

3. Make space for fun

This might be surprising, but we’re big proponents of fun here at Goodbudget. And, we know budgets can fail if we’re unrealistic about fun spending. Give yourself space for things you enjoy, like going to the movies or eating out. Still, do keep an eye on your spending so you don’t spend more than what you’ve set aside.

And, that’s it! If you’re excited about making your money plan, get started with Goodbudget’s easy to use tools.

Start your Goodbudget

Happy budgeting,

– The Goodbudget Team

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