Say “yes” to second chances

It’s now February and maybe one of your resolutions was to do better with your budget this year. If you’ve stayed on track, nice work! You’re awesome.

BUT if you’ve lost a little bit of steam, read on… (and you’re still awesome).

Here’s a second chance at your budget

Just because things haven’t gone quite according to plan doesn’t mean all your hard work has failed. Give yourself some grace and take your second chance.

Here’s what to do if you got off track.

Bring your budget with you

Your budget is at home on your computer, but you’re out in the real world swiping your cards and making purchases.

Since you have your phone with you anyway, login to Goodbudget and you’ll quickly know how much you have left to spend on groceries.


Budgeting that actually works with Goodbudget


Get on the same page

You bought groceries, and your spouse bought take-out. But you’ve both used more than the entire Food budget on your purchases! What now?

Get everyone on the same page (at least in the same chapter) by adding or confirming those expenses in Goodbudget right away.

Share household budgets with Goodbudget

Plan for big expenses

Birthday gifts! Doh! Car repairs! Oops…

Expect the unexpected and start saving now. Create that Annual Car Repairs Envelope. When it comes time to buy those new tires, you’ll already have the money saved up in your budget.

Save for big expenses with Goodbudget

Be flexible

So, you overspent on Fun. Know that you’re a real person with real expenses.

Move extra money from Groceries to make up for the overspending in Fun. You’ll be as good as new and ready to keep on keeping on.


Say “yes” to getting it right

Remember, budgets are flexible and we think you should be too. Know where things went wrong, say “OK” and then try your best with this second chance. We believe in you.

Login to Goodbudget

Happy budgeting!

– The Goodbudget Team

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