Goodbudget Unaffected by Heartbleed

What is “Heartbleed”?

Heartbleed” is a recently discovered vulnerability affecting particular versions of OpenSSL software. OpenSSL is a security library used by roughly two-thirds of the websites on the internet.

Was Goodbudget Affected?

When “Heartbleed” was announced our techs quickly examined our use of OpenSSL and found that we were not affected. To be clear, Goodbudget was not affected by “Heartbleed.”

In an abundance of caution, however, we are taking this opportunity to review the security of our service and have scheduled improvements to better protect your data.

What should I do?

Your Goodbudget password and data is safe. However, if you use the same password for Goodbudget as you do on other websites and mobile apps that were vulnerable, it’s a good idea to change your password anyway. You can change your password on the Goodbudget website here:

To see a list of commonly visited websites and whether they were vulnerable:


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