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Sometimes you have to enter a bunch of expenses at the end of the day.  And you told us that “Save & New” is your saving grace, so we’ve added it to the Goodbudget website. Creating multiple transactions is quicker and easier than ever before. Login now to catch up on your transactions.

You also told us that your scheduled transactions often happen early, so we added “Record Now”  too. You can now post scheduled transactions manually for the current day. No more waiting!

This release also includes tons of bug fixes:

  • Editing pending transfers doesn’t cause them to post
  • Pending transactions post by 2am Pacific Time
  • Reconcile screen no longer reconciles off-screen transactions
  • Add transaction dialog just appears; doesn’t float in from the top
  • Imported checks can be matched properly
  • Account dropdowns show credit balances as “Credit: ###”
  • Edit budget period, even with no Annual Envelopes
  • iPhone crash and sync fixes (update available on App Store).

We’re working hard to bring more of the features you depend on to Goodbudget!  If you’d like to hear when we add features, we’ll be posting updates on our blogFacebook, and Twitter.

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3 thoughts on “Save & New”

  1. Would love if the scheduled transactions would show up in the Android App. When I’m out spending and away from the computer, I can’t see what is actually available including the scheduled bills.

    • I second Sarah’s comment. Being able to see what’s scheduled to come out, and clear them as they do, would be awesome in the app!

    • Hi Amanda,

      Being able to see pending transactions on your phone would be helpful. I’ve added your requests to our features tracker for future consideration.

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