Budget with a why

Want to buy a home? Get your budget ready first.

My mom was a real estate agent who worked from home, so I grew up going to open houses and listening to her stories about offers, counteroffers, inspections, and escrows.  But even with that background, I came into my first

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What’s your financial emergency plan?

Get your financial emergency plan in order Financial emergencies can strike at any time. For some people, the recent coronavirus pandemic is already having an effect on their budgets. Some folks need to stay home from work because they’re sick

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How to Build Your Emergency Fund

Financial emergency planning is a great way to prepare yourself for life’s twists and turns. And in our experience, the coming of those twists and turns is not a matter of if but when.  There are lots of situations that

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Goodbudget Goes Dark on iPhone

Now you can enjoy Goodbudget with a black, sleek look when using the dark theme on your iPhone.  To prepare for upcoming debt features… We’ve made a few changes to Goodbudget on iPhone. Now, you can Add Income, Fill from

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4 Things Every Homeowner Needs to Budget for

It’s not just the mortgage… There’s a lot of stress involved in buying a home. From the countless weekends you’ll spend going to open houses to signing all of the closing paperwork, it’s A LOT. And that doesn’t necessarily end

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