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How to Budget for a Wedding in Goodbudget

When it comes to budgeting for a wedding, we recommend starting with the important questions first. Check out the advice we gave our newly engaged teammate here at the Goodbudget headquarters. Sample Wedding Budgets Once you’ve thought about the important

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Thoughts on Budgeting for a Wedding

Our very own Karisa recently got engaged — woohoo!  And of course, since we geek out about money and relationships here at Goodbudget, Chi-En (married 10 years) shared some thoughts with Karisa (newly engaged) on how to budget for a

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Web: Now with a new look & feel

New logo, new colors You’ll see vibrant colors and a new logo the next time you log in to the website. Everything you love is still in the same place Even though the colors and logo are different, Goodbudget is

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Web: A new look & feel coming soon

With fresh, new colors But, everything else is staying the same Even though the colors are different, it’s really the same Goodbudget you know and love. Everything is still in the exact same place: All Your Data Your Transactions Your

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[Podcast] Getting into debt is easy…

Getting into debt is easy, but getting out of it can be hard. In Season 2 of The Goodbudget Way, we’ll hear Karisa share about her journey with debt. She shares her experience getting into debt — and how she

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