Fixes Make Goodbudget Better + Time Zone Support

Fixes make Goodbudget better

We’ve got your back! And when it comes to Goodbudget, we know that fixes make it work better so you can focus on the important things… like sticking to your budget.

Here’s a list of bugs we’ve fixed recently so that Goodbudget works better for you.

  • Post scheduled transactions by time zone
  • Not receiving reminder email for scheduled transaction(s)
  • ‘Exceeded Device Limit’ error
  • Add date field for Account Adjustments
  • Export CSV filtering transactions when using DD/MM/YYYY format
  • Difficulty reordering More Envelopes on the web
  • Fills from New Income split to Unallocated twice
  • Split transactions not saving correctly
  • Annual Envelopes with due dates filling unexpectedly
  • Can’t see bottom fields when adding new split transaction on import screen

Custom Time Zone Support

Goodbudgeters in Australia, the UK, and all over the world have been telling us their scheduled Envelope Fills and payments are posting too late. We’ve made a few changes so that your scheduled transactions now post at a time that makes sense for you. So, you can wake up to full, green Envelopes no matter where you are.

Happy budgeting!

– The Goodbudget Team

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28 thoughts on “Fixes Make Goodbudget Better + Time Zone Support”

  1. I would love to see an option to allocate income as you enter it in the “add transaction” field. You can allocate an expense to a bank/credit card/cash account & an “envelope”, but when entering income, you then have to go in & post a “fill”. I like that I can fill my monthly regular income on a regular “fill” basis, but I also run a small business & would like to be able to allocate that/gifts/ etc directly as I post them.

    • Hi Rachel, You can allocate income directly to Envelopes as you post it from the Fill Envelopes screen. Choose the ‘New Income’ tab, then select the Envelope you want to put the money into.

    • While I do know this is available, it is cumbersome when you have income you want to directly allocate to one account only.

    • Hi Rachel – I’m not sure I know what you mean. When you create a Fill from New Income, you can only add that income to a single Account. You can, however, add it to one or multiple Envelopes. Is it adding the income to the Envelopes that’s cumbersome?

  2. Please create on options page where the user can select the desired default account view instead of the all accounts combined default view. For example, if user has 10 separate accounts, but wants to only see certain accounts (single or multiple). the option page should give the user the option to select the desired account(s).

    • Hi Brian – Thanks for the suggestion! It sounds like you want a sort of ‘hide’ option. I’ve added it to our request features tracker for future consideration.

  3. Another thing I would love to see is a running balance on the “unallocated” account view. It would make things a bit easier to manage rather than having to solely depend on the balance amount in the left hand pane view.

    Another lovely update would be to have the iPhone app show running balances. I know on my husband’s android the app shows the balances in the accounts, but I cannot see them from my iPhone app and must use a computer if I want to view this feature.

  4. Hi,

    I hope we get to also add an option to disable an envelope from the Home view when it’s not needed for a certain period so you only get the most relevant envelops each month. Example, I have a Personal: Travel envelop but because I’m not travelling this month, I’d like to disable it so I have one less envelop to see when I view from Home. Hope this makes sense.

    • Hi Rylie – Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve put it on our features tracker for future consideration. For now, it is possible to collapse whole Envelope Groups from view while on the web. This, however, only collapses them for that time being – meaning that if you log out and then log back in, the Group will be expanded again. Hope that makes sense.

  5. I’m still periodically getting, “reached envelope limit” on ipad. Reloading app didn’t fix. I have subscription for unlimited envelopes.

  6. The first time I did my comment I did it wrong. I agree with the other Rachel about adding a single transaction to one envelope. The fill is sometimes overwhelming and seems like a lot of extra work when you’re just wanting to fill one envelope/account. I also have a small business with lots of little checks, though I’m not doing as much of that at the moment due to my current life stage.

  7. I would really like to see a feature added to allow a transaction to be split across multiple accounts. I commonly use gift cards, and it is often that the gift card doesn’t cover the entire transaction. Therefore, I have to use a credit card for the balance. At this point, I have to enter two transactions, but it would be cleaner to only enter one. This also applies to situations when I pay for a meal with a credit card (or gift card) and pay the tip with cash.

  8. Something else, it is quite often that when I am trying to enter a new transfer, that I don’t realize that I’m actually entering information in the “Expense/Credit” dialog instead. I’ve typically already filled in the date, Payee, and Amount. When I then select the “Transfer” tab, it erases all my entries, and I must start over. That is quite aggravating and a big time waster. I recommend that the information already entered be copied over to the “Transfer” tab.

    • I definitely agree. If the date/amount/”payee” field were all the same in the entry box where you can toggle between expense/credit, transfer, and income, when you started entering and suddenly realized you are in the wrong tab, you wouldnt have to start all over again once you change tabs.

    • Hi Shean,

      You’re right that it would be helpful to move your info from one tab to another and we’ve logged this in our tracker as well. Thanks for all of your feedback!

  9. Would love to have the status column available on the app so that i do not have to log in to the website to mark transactions cleared each time I check my online banking.

    • Hi Amanda – Thanks for the suggestion! In the past, we’ve opted to keep the Transactions tab on mobile simple and not overcrowd it with too much information. But, I can see why having the ability to change the Status of transactions while on mobile would be helpful. I’ve added your request to our features tracker for future consideration. Thanks!

  10. I would like to see a warning notification pop up if you have already filled that envelope for the month. A sort of warning if you are over filling and therefore overspending, or just accidentally filled the envelope twice.


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