Having debt is a drag…

…and tracking it in Goodbudget has been a pain

So we wanted to do something about that, because you told us our old workaround for tracking debt wasn’t working for you. Here’s what didn’t work about it:

There was no good way to track the balances on debts you were working to pay off. It made your Unallocated massively negative, making it impossible to know how much to fill your Envelopes. Even if you managed to get Unallocated back to something reasonable, there were still too many steps just to record a single debt payment.

But not for much longer.

We listened to your feedback and we made some changes, because we want you to be able to more easily track your debt. So get ready, because Debt Accounts are on their way to the web. Soon, you’ll be able to track your debt payoff progress with Goodbudget’s debt features on the web. See a sneak peek below.

Stay tuned for the official launch soon!

Happy budgeting,

The Goodbudget Team

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4 thoughts on “Having debt is a drag…”

    • Thanks for sharing! We understand the struggle. It can be tough staying on budget. What can help is building habits and learning to know how to adjust your budget when your financial situation changes. We’re currently working on a new course to help folks develop those skills. We’ll send out an email when the course is available so you can check it out.

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