3 sample budgets to help you create your own

Making your first budget might seem intimidating. You’re probably thinking, “What kinds of expenses should I even budget for?” To that we’d say, budget for all of the expenses you can anticipate and even the ones you can’t.

If you need a place to start, check out the samples below to help get you going. Feel free to mix, match, and tweak it to work for you! And don’t pay too much attention to the Budgeted Amounts — they’re just placeholders. You can update that with a number that makes sense for you.

Simple Budget Sample

Student Budget Sample

Detailed Budget Sample


Happy budgeting,
The Goodbudget Team

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3 thoughts on “3 sample budgets to help you create your own”

  1. I like what you are doing with the boot amp and samples. I am 75 years old and not to sure how to leave comments after each day’s assignment. Is there a way to keep my comments private?

    • Hi Charlie – Thanks for posting! All comments are public. If you want to take private notes for yourself, that’s definitely encouraged! We’d recommend using pen and paper for private notes/comments or someplace digital, like Google Docs. If you’d like to post a public comment after you finish an assignment, just follow the same procedure you did to post this comment. You can find the Budget Bootcamp assignments here. Hope that helps!

  2. I like the detailed budget best. It will help me keep track of annual subscriptions, mortgage, insurance, vehicle registrations, etc… When those expenses come due I’m always surprised and then we are back in debt.


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