2020’s been rocky, and yet we’re grateful.

It’s true this year hasn’t looked the way many of us thought it would. For those of us who like routine and stability, much of that was thrown out the window sometime early this year. But now, we’ve adapted to a new normal and are starting to get settled in our new patterns.

And even though the holidays are going to look different this year, the Thanksgiving celebration reminds us to take a look back and reflect on the things we’re grateful for. Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, now is still a great time to take a look back to reflect on the year.

Here are some thoughts from Goodbudgeters:

“Grateful for a rainy day fund that has covered my husband’s covid job loss and for being debt free!! Yay Goodbudget!!”

– Stacey

Grateful for my new job that pays more and saves me time and money by not having to commute 30 miles each way anymore. Now I have more money to pay off my car faster.” 

– Denise 

“That I didn’t lose my job….” 

– MrJoshuaPack

 “Paid off our non-mortgage debt a couple months ago!” 

– Becky

“Grateful that my husband was able to switch to working from home, and that our 2020 grad son was able to start college as planned. So grateful. Our budget has remained stable.” 

– Julia

“I’m grateful I could afford to save the money for student loan payments while they’ve been on hold during COVID – I finally have my 6-month emergency fund in place.” 

– Wendy

Comment below and let us know — when it comes to your budget, what are you grateful for this year?

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1 thought on “2020’s been rocky, and yet we’re grateful.”

  1. I’m grateful that when our child’s preschool closed down, we were given the option to donate tuition. That way, we could support the school if we were able and interested, and we could opt out if we weren’t.


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