Quick Fill Comes to iPhone

Filling took way too long before

Filling Envelopes on iPhone used to be a pain. Not only could you not see your Envelope balances, which made it hard to know which Envelopes you’d already filled for that budget period, but you had to tap on each Envelope ONE AT A TIME to add money. That means that even if you wanted to apply the exact same changes to every Envelope, you still had to go into each of them individually and choose the changes you wanted.

Now, use a Quick Fill

Now, you can choose a Quick Fill to automatically ‘Add All’ or ‘Set All’ to every Envelope. That makes filling faster and easier, and means you can say “so long” to the days of endlessly tapping on each Envelope. 

Head to the Apple App Store to update to the latest version of Goodbudget for iPhone. 

Happy budgeting, 

The Goodbudget Team

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