5 Envelopes You Might Have Missed

Here’s the scenario: You just got back from the store where you went to buy printer ink. You open up your budget app only to realize you don’t have an Envelope for that expense. So, then, you’re left scratching your head wondering how you overlooked such a staple expense!

We’ve all been there. We know how annoying it is. 

To save you some headache later on, here are five Envelopes you might have missed. (And here’s how to add them in Goodbudget.)

Office Supplies

Unless you’re a writer or teacher, you probably don’t buy things like printer paper or pens very often. But when you do, you’ll need a place to put that expense. 

If you have an all-purpose ‘Home’ Envelope, you might add the transaction there. Otherwise, you’ll need a separate one for your office supplies.

Annual Subscriptions

It’s incredibly easy to forget annual subscriptions, like Costco or Amazon Prime, when making a budget for the first time. And it makes sense! They’re infrequent enough to almost be nonexistent, except for the fact that many of us shop on Amazon.com almost daily. (Oh, that’s just me? Got it.) 

In any case, take stock of the yearly subscriptions you’re paying for, and remember to make an Annual Envelope for them before they’re due. 

Driver’s License and Registration Renewals

If it weren’t for the snail mail reminders to reup for that driver’s license or vehicle registration, none of us would have cars right now. Be sure to make an Envelope so you at least have the money set aside. 

Hospitality or Entertaining at Home

Many of us enjoy opening up our homes to friends and family for fun gatherings. But that can get pricey pretty quickly. And, if it’s done frequently enough, it doesn’t make sense to stick those kinds of expenses into the regular Groceries Envelope, since they’ll chip away at our food budgets over time. 

Instead, make a separate category for those expenses so you can have some fun while still having room for food later in the week. 

Doctors Appointments and Medical Expenses

You can certainly plan for any monthly medical expenses, such as prescriptions, using a regular Envelope. Be sure to also make space for the unexpected medical expenses that might pop up using an Annual Envelope. That way, when life throws you a curveball that lands you in the ER, you’ve got what you need set aside.

We want to know, did an Envelope you missed not make this list? Leave a comment below in case others missed that too!

And, If you’re not tracking those Envelopes categories with Goodbudget, sign up now.

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