How to Create a Lean Version of Your Budget

We’ve talked before about creating emergency funds and plans so that you’re prepared to handle any kind of emergency that might happen. But what you also need is a slimmed down version of your budget that will operate as your new spending guide during emergencies. Lean budgets are there to help us during times of … Read more

Wanna spend less on your cell phone bill?

Nowadays, a cell phone is a must-have item. Year over year, we’re spending more time on our phones as they basically become little computers that we carry with us everywhere. Unsurprisingly, we’re also shelling out a lot of money paying for them. Whether it’s getting the latest and greatest iPhone to paying for costly insurance, … Read more

6 Things You Can Try If You Lost Income

Losing a job or having hours cut can be devastating financially. When these kinds of emergencies happen, it’s best to have a financial emergency plan ready to go — but that’s not always a reality.  It’s clear that we (Goodbudget) are not capable of providing answers to address every Goodbudgeter where they’re at. But, we … Read more

How to Save Money When You Need to Save Money

…when life hands you lemons It’s fair to say that life has its share of ups and downs. And sometimes we have to pull back on our spending to adjust to changes in income or circumstance. Or sometimes, we just decide we’re tired of paying an arm and a leg for things that shouldn’t cost … Read more

Generosity in a Time of COVID

One thing I know to be true about people is that we’re resilient. In times of crisis, we tend to band together and support one another. We find ways to be generous with our time, money and energy to help others who might need it more than we do. I’m so inspired by the acts … Read more

GB Bulletin: What’s your financial emergency plan?

Get your financial emergency plan in order Financial emergencies can strike at any time. For some people, the recent coronavirus pandemic is already having an effect on their budgets. Some folks need to stay home from work because they’re sick or caring for loved ones, and others may have had their hours cut due to … Read more

How to Build Your Emergency Fund

Financial emergency planning is a great way to prepare yourself for life’s twists and turns. And in our experience, the coming of those twists and turns is not a matter of if but when.  There are lots of situations that might warrant a financial emergency response from you and your family. An unexpected loss of … Read more

Goodbudget Goes Dark on iPhone

Now you can enjoy Goodbudget with a black, sleek look when using the dark theme on your iPhone.  To prepare for upcoming debt features… We’ve made a few changes to Goodbudget on iPhone. Now, you can Add Income, Fill from Unallocated and create Envelope and Account Transfers through the Add Transaction button (the notepad with … Read more