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We’re Hiring a Developer!

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Are you an awesome Mobile Developer? And you love Goodbudget? Come work with us in San Francisco! And if you know someone who might be a good fit, we’d appreciate you passing along the message. (The job comes with lots of opportunities to geek out on budgets and eat fancy ice cream.) Check out the job description for our next Lead Developer. Goodbudget is on the lookout for a focused, collaborative individual to serve in our home budget app business.  The Lead Developer role is a full-time position housed with the rest of our team in our San Francisco, California office.  You’ll work with our team to translate product vision into technical choices.  You’ll build and maintain our Android and iPhone apps, and you’ll work with other developers who do the same for our web app.  And you’ll grow into a role as technical owner for the product.  A passion for personal and family budgets is a huge plus! More details in the job description.  Note that applications received before 9am Pacific Time on September 12, 2016 will be given...

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Envelope budgeting 101 + Psst… we’re hiring!

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Envelope budgeting 101 If you need a refresher course on envelope budgeting, check out this video. Our Budgeter-in-Chief, Chi-En Yu, went on TV to give a brief overview of how envelope budgeting works. Psst… we’re hiring! Are you an awesome Mobile Developer? And you love Goodbudget? Come work with us in San Francisco! And if you know someone who might be a good fit, we’d appreciate you passing along the message. (The job comes with lots of opportunities to geek out on budgets and eat fancy ice cream.) Check out the job description for our next Lead Developer. Happy budgeting! -The Goodbudget Team...

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Goodbudget’s going on TV

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Tune in for Envelope Budgeting 101 Need a refresher course on envelope budgeting? Watch our Budgeter-in-Chief, Chi-En Yu, give a brief intro about how it works. Tune in to The Balancing Act airing on Lifetime Television® on Friday, May 13 at 7:30am (ET/PT). Here’s a sneak peek of the TV set & props: See Behind the Scenes Ever wonder who’s behind Goodbudget? Well, now you can find out! While on set, Chi-En also shared a bit about kids and money, how she got started, and the day-to-day choices we all face. Check out the interview. Happy budgeting! – The Goodbudget Team   P.S. We’ve been working on a side project to help folks pay off debt faster. Sign up to hear the latest about our little iPhone debt app....

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Get paid weekly, plan for rent monthly (on the web)

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Weekly, monthly, and six months envelopes in the same budget Budget vary. To help you budget how you budget, you can now customize your Envelopes based on your pay period.  Get paid weekly, plan for rent monthly You get paid every Friday, buy groceries weekly, and pay rent monthly. Now, you can save up for expenses that happen every 2 weeks, every month and even farther in the future. Get paid monthly, plan for insurance every six months You budget and get paychecks every month. Now, you can focus on saving up for big expenses that happen every 2, 3, and 6 months, like car insurance. Get started and customize your Envelopes on the web. Need Help? Check out our Help Article to get started.   Happy budgeting! – The Goodbudget Team   P.S. We’ve been working on a side project to help folks pay off debt faster. Sign up to hear the latest about our little iPhone debt app. ...

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3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Budget

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Spring is finally upon us, and it’s time to give our budgets a little TLC. Here are 3 ways you can freshen up your budget for spring. 1. Change with the seasons We’re excited to swap out our winter coats for light spring jackets. And, when the weather changes, our bills and utilities change too. Let’s get our budgets to change with seasons. Update your Envelope’s budgeted amount to reflect your latest bills. And remember to adjust your other Envelopes so you’re still living within your means. 2. Clear the clutter Just like a kid’s overflowing toy box, we have no place to put certain types of expenses. We’ve been going on Date Nights, but we’ve been lumping it in with Family Fun. Now, that Envelope’s cluttered with stuff that doesn’t really belong. Make an Envelope for your Date Nights, so those expenses have a home and are no longer cluttering up your Family Fun Envelope. More reason to make date night happen! 3. Start Fresh We avoid cleaning under the couch because we know it won’t be pretty. Just like the stale food under our cushions, we may have forgotten about our budget. Even so, we can still start fresh for today. Just adjust the balances of your Envelopes to be where you want them to be as of today. Let’s leave the past behind and move forward, instead! (But, really, clean under those cushions!) What are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Spring cleaning happens one small step at a time, so let’s get started now. Login to Goodbudget Happy budgeting! – The Goodbudget Team P.S. We’re working on a new project to help folks manage their debt. Stay tuned for updates.  ...

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Say “yes” to second chances

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It’s now February and maybe one of your resolutions was to do better with your budget this year. If you’ve stayed on track, nice work! You’re awesome. BUT if you’ve lost a little bit of steam, read on… (and you’re still awesome). Here’s a second chance at your budget Just because things haven’t gone quite according to plan doesn’t mean all your hard work has failed. Give yourself some grace and take your second chance. Here’s what to do if you got off track. Bring your budget with you Your budget is at home on your computer, but you’re out in the real world swiping your cards and making purchases. Since you have your phone with you anyway, login to Goodbudget and you’ll quickly know how much you have left to spend on groceries. Get on the same page You bought groceries, and your spouse bought take-out. But you’ve both used more than the entire Food budget on your purchases! What now? Get everyone on the same page (at least in the same chapter) by adding those expenses to Goodbudget right away. Plan for big expenses Birthday gifts! Doh! Car repairs! Oops… Expect the unexpected and start saving now. Create that Annual Car Repairs Envelope. When it comes time to buy those new tires, you’ll already have the money saved up in your budget. Be flexible So, you overspent on Fun. Know that you’re a real person with real expenses. Move extra money from Groceries to make up for the overspending in Fun. You’ll be as good as new and ready to keep on keeping on.   Say “yes” to getting it right Remember, budgets are flexible and we think you should be too. Know where things went wrong, say “OK” and then try your best with this second chance. We believe in you. Login to Goodbudget Happy budgeting! – The Goodbudget...

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Getting on a budget. An actor’s story

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There are always lessons to be learned in life! Especially when it comes to budgeting and making smart financial choices. Meet Jenny R, an actor and budding financial guru, who while making her way through the ups and downs of life, discovered that debt is a real thing. And, when debt strikes its ugly head, it’s hard to get out of the way fast enough to escape unscathed. Thankfully, she used her experience as an opportunity to gain financial control and climb her way out of debt. Before Jenny got serious about finances and started using Goodbudget, she often told herself, “That kind of stuff isn’t for artists.” She tricked herself into thinking that budgeting wasn’t important. But, as she went from audition to audition, it became clear that work wasn’t going to come in as steadily as she had hoped it would. With less cash coming in, it became all the more tempting – and even necessary – to put purchase after purchase on her credit card. She admits, “My energy and time were consumed by worry… I often borrowed money from friends to pay rent, and I maxed out one credit card after another.” She had hit a financial wall and knew that something had to change. Knowing that her work as an actor was important enough to fight for, Jenny decided she was going to climb her way out of debt and get back on track. To help her reach her financial goals, she enrolled in a money management class with an organization called The Actor’s Fund. That class helped her understand the importance of budgeting. Especially because work as an actor isn’t always steady, making it even more vital for her to remain diligent with her expenses. She continued attending classes, and started accounting for her income and her expenditures. After calculating that her average spending exceeded her average income, she made changes and negotiated realistic debt repayment plans with her credit card companies. She was on her way to lowering her monthly expenses! Soon enough, she managed to create a budget where her income was more than her spending. After booking a national commercial for a credit card (Ironic? Maybe a little), she was able to fund an IRA! Now, Jenny is furthering her financial education and focusing on saving up for the future. So, what does this all mean? Well, for Jenny, it means more restful nights. When we know where and how we are spending our money, we feel more in control. We feel like we do have some say for how tomorrow will turn out and we can then worry about money less. “My decisions now come from a place of greater personal strength. My newfound ability to say, “no,” when someone urges me to spend money on yet another aspect of an acting career is plainly liberating.” We’d have to agree on that! Now, this doesn’t mean that we will ever be perfect at it. Even Jenny admits to overspending in her...

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Reports come to Android!

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View your reports on the go! Spending by Envelope Report. This colorful report shows what you spent on each category for this month, last week, last month…or whatever time range will help you understand your spending. Tap on your Food, Fun, or Vacation Envelope to highlight it. Income vs. Spending. This report shows if you’re living within your means, or just plain ol’ spending more than you’re making. (Hope not.)   A fresh, new look for the app you love. Goodbudget for Android gets a Material design facelift! Check out the vibrant new color scheme, and the new Add Transaction button. Now, adding expenses is just a thumb’s reach away — and staying on budget just got easier! Go to the Google Play Store to update! Happy budgeting! – The Goodbudget...

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Income vs. Spending on iPhone Reports!

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Spend less than you earn… every time. Whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck, sharing a Household, or tracking multiple incomes, keep an eye on your income easily. With the Income vs. Spending Report, you can be sure you’re spending less than you earn and gain peace of mind! Now, see your spending and income reports on one screen. The Reports Summary puts the two reports you love most in one place. A quick glance gives you all the insights you need.   No more stretching! Goodbudget now fits iPhone 6/6 Plus How much is in your Savings Envelope? No need to scroll quite so far down! Goodbudget for iPhone 6/6 Plus got a facelift so you can see more of your Envelopes without scrolling all the way down. Go to the App Store to update to the newest version of Goodbudget for iPhone. Happy budgeting! – The Goodbudget Team    ...

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Goal Envelopes, now on your Android!

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Reach your savings goals with Goal Envelopes on Android! With Goal Envelopes on your Android phone, you can save for those big one-time purchases you’ve been daydreaming about for awhile. Set a due date, and Goodbudget will tell you how much to save from each paycheck to reach your goal. Time to save for that vacation, car, wedding, you name it…Goal Envelopes will help you get there! Save for birthday presents… before their birthday. Birthdays year round. Christmas presents in December. Back to school clothing for the kids in August. After hearing stories like these from Goodbudgeters like you, we added due dates to Annual Envelopes. So you can budget on time. Every time. Add a new Envelope in Goodbudget on your Android phone to see these Envelopes in action. Happy budgeting! – The Goodbudget...

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