Get Back on Track

Are you returning to Goodbudget after taking a long break? If your envelopes and accounts are way behind and you don’t want to go back and update your past transaction information, here’s how you get a fresh start.

1. Reset your Envelopes back to 0.

Your transaction history won’t go anywhere. We’ll reset your envelopes to 0 and start fresh today.

  • Go to the Fill Envelopes page.
  • Step 1 Choose to Fill from Available and change the date to when you want to start fresh if it’s not today.
  • Step 2 Choose to “Set” to 0.00.
  • Step 3 Save changes. Available will look weird, we’ll fix that next.

2. Update your Accounts

Update your account balances by going to the Add/Edit Accounts page.

3. Update your budget

Update your budget if necessary on the Add/Edit Envelopes page.

4. Edit your Scheduled Transactions

Find your scheduled transactions at the very top of your transactions list. Edit transaction amounts, delete transactions that no longer exist.

5. Fill your Envelopes

Once you’ve updated your account balances, Available should represent the total in your accounts and you can fill your Envelopes.

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