Fill Newly Created Envelopes on the Web

One sentence summary: Get reminded to fill new Envelopes when you create them and also to include them in your scheduled Fills.

When you create a new Envelope on the Web, you’ll get a popup like this that lists all of the new Envelopes you created.

If you click “Yes, take me to my Fills”, you’ll end up on a page that lists all of your Fills. Scheduled Fills will be listed in the top section, and posted Fills will be listed in the bottom section.

When you select a Fill of either type, your newly-created Envelope will appear with a red dot and highlight to help you find it.

Be sure to make changes to both your scheduled Fill and one of your past Fills so that your Envelope is not only filled now but set up to be filled automatically in the future.

Key points to remember:

  • The prompt to add your new Envelope(s) will only appear once
  • Similarly, the red highlight and red dot notifying you will only appear once
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