Re-Fill Your Envelopes Each Budgeting Period

You’ve been diligently recording expenses and adding your incomes as they’ve come up for the past month. Things have been going great–but it’s a new month and you notice that your Envelopes haven’t re-filled. What’s going on? 

How do I re-fill my Envelopes?

With Goodbudget, you have complete control over when and how your Envelopes refill. You can set them to refill automatically at the start of each month, or fill them progressively during the month. This is especially useful if you have multiple incomes or are trying to build up a one month cushion. Click on the orange “Fill Envelopes” icon to get started.

That will take you to the Fill Envelopes page. This is where the magic happens! Goodbudget will show you how much is being added to each Envelope, and the balance of the Envelope after the fill. Goodbudget will add the budgeted amount to each Envelope by default, but feel free to change this value as needed.

Common Questions

Can my Envelopes re-fill automatically?

Yes! Check the “Schedule this” box to choose how often you want your Envelopes to re-fill. When you save the transaction, your current fill will be recorded and you’ll see a “Scheduled” fill appear at the top of your transaction history.  

What if I can’t fill my Envelopes all at once?

If you can’t fill your Envelopes all at once, don’t worry! Just fund what you can and prioritize the Envelopes you need to fill before your next paycheck. The next time you fill your Envelopes, go back and edit your existing fill to add more money to your Envelopes. This will let you keep track of how much you’ve filled over the course of your budgeting period. When your next budgeting period starts, create a new fill to start the process again.

Where is this money coming from?

You can choose to fill your Envelopes with money from a new income or from money you’ve pooled in Available. Just change the tab on the right below where it says “Fill From…”

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