FAQ: How to start in the middle of the month

Q: It’s the middle of the month and I want to start using Goodbudget. Do I need to wait till the end of the month, or can I get started with Goodbudget today?

The best time to start a budget is now. Whether you’re just tracking your expenses, budgeting off your income, or using Accounts in Goodbudget to manage every dollar, you can get started with Goodbudget today. Read on to learn how.


For budgets based off income, it’s best to start from your last paycheck.

  • Start by creating your Envelopes to represent your budget.
  • Then, head to the Fill Envelopes page and choose “New Income” to fund your Envelopes from your last paycheck amount.
  • Finally, record the transactions that have happened since your last paycheck, and continue to record transactions as the month goes on.

When your next paycheck arrives, head back to the Fill Envelopes page to allocate it to your Envelopes.

If you have questions about multiple or irregular incomes, follow the guide here.


If you’re starting with money you already have in the bank, it’s best to set up your Goodbudget Account first.

  • Start by entering all of your Accounts. As you do, Goodbudget will adjust your Available money to match.
  • Then, create your Envelopes to represent your budget.
  • After that, head to the Fill Envelopes page to fund your Envelopes from your Available money.

From there you can record transactions and keep track of your spending. As you receive income, keep it in your Available. At the beginning of the next month, head back to the Fill Envelopes page to fund your Envelopes with your Available money again.

For more information on how to start with Accounts, check out our Getting Started Guide.

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