I can’t import my CSV file. What do I do?

Every bank formats their CSV exports a little differently. Some formats may be difficult for Goodbudget to read and can result in an error message.

The amounts don’t look like valid amounts

Here’s why you might be seeing that error.

1. Your CSV file has amounts in two separate columns, with positives in one and negatives in another.

You can find out if this is true by opening up your CSV file on your computer and examining the file.

If you see two columns (one for expenses and one for incomes), try editing the file directly to combine the separate columns into one.

If you need an example, check out this sample CSV so you can get an idea of what it looks like.

2. Your file uses period separators (123,20), but you selected comma separator (123.20) on the web page.

Period separators are common in places like France, Brazil and Germany, to name a few. If your CSV file using period separators, click the back arrow on your browser to head back to the Import Bank Activity page, and use the ‘My Bank uses:’ section to select the correct separator for you.

The date column doesn’t look like valid dates

Goodbudget reads dates formatted in Month, Day (mm/dd/yyyy) or Day, Month (dd/mm/yyyy). If your file uses a different format, edit the CSV file to re-format the date column.

If the dates are correct, check the file for extra rows or text above the header. You’ll need to remove the extra rows or text in order to import the file.

If you need an example, check out this sample CSV so you can get an idea of what it looks like.

If you’re still having trouble uploading your CSV file, try using a different file type to import with. We recommend importing bank activity with Quicken (QFX) or MS Money (OFX) files if your bank provides them.

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