Create a Budget with a Why

Create a budget

To spend, save, and give to what's important

Here at Goodbudget, we believe the way we spend, save, and give money reflects what we value and what we call important -- for better or for worse. We also believe that it's possible to live a life of generosity while staying within our means, and still make room for our needs and wants. To do that, we have to identify what's truly important so that our money choices accurately reflect that truth.

In this series, we'll introduce you to a budgeting process we believe can help you create a budget that works toward your values. We’ll cover five steps to show how to make that possible. The Budget with a Why process seeks to help you reflect on past money habits, make active decisions to create change, and then live that out in future choices that reflect your values.

Are you ready to get started? Check out Step 1 below. 

Step 1: Look in the Mirror

Take a look in the mirror to see your current spending, saving and giving habits. What do you see? Take a look in your mirror.

Step 2: Reflect

Reflect on what your spending, saving and giving decisions say about you. Start your reflection now. 

Step 3: Meet your Money Map

Your money map helps direct your spending, saving, and giving decisions toward what’s truly important. Draw your money map.

Step 4: Plan your Route

Get down to the nitty-gritty and plan a budget that reflects what you want to be important. What route will you take

Step 5: Start your Journey

Make one spending, saving, or giving decision today that's in line with your priorities. That's the first step in living out a budget that works. Get started on your journey!