Welcome to Goodbudget 201: Budget with a Why

Week 1 | GB 201: Budget With a Why

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Welcome to Budget with a Why! We’re excited you’re here, and we’re excited to go on this money journey with you.

Over these next five courses, we’ll walk you through creating a budget with purpose. From figuring out what’s important to you, all the way to inspiring you to think of ways you can live out your values. Because budgeting is more than just dollars and cents, and we think you probably agree.

To get you thinking just a bit, check out the mini-assignment below, and let us know where you want to go on your money journey.


Today’s Mini-Assignment

We sat down with some budgeters, and asked them where they want to go financially. Here’s what they said:

“Up. I’d like to go up, which means having more money. I think of a growth chart, like my kids have at the doctor’s office, and I want to check in and see how it’s doing.” Paul, father of three.
“When I hear that, it sounds like a relationship. I want to go places with money, like literally travel.” Kendall, fabulously child-free.
“I think of ‘enough.’ I don’t want to have to think about it as much, not every day.” Matt, thinking about moving.
“Somewhere free, not like I don’t have to pay, but like a feeling of freedom. Thinking about being debt-free, that’s where I want to go.” Karisa, paying off student loans

Okay, now your turn! When it comes to you and money, where do you want to go? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy budgeting,
-The Goodbudget Team

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This online course is free. Get this course straight into your inbox.

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97 thoughts on “Welcome to Goodbudget 201: Budget with a Why”

  1. I would like to have my debts under control so that I can feel comfortable when I want to buy something I need. I feel like I’m living in the past, I want to live in the future where there isn’t this black cloud hanging over my life. I want to be able to pay expenses as they come up, not have to put them on a charge card which will then haunt me and make me feel like a bad person.

    • I want to make a budget so I can save money. In my 60’s and I have no retirement or any emergencies savings fund

  2. Well,

    I would like to have freedom of choices. I believe that money is a tool that could allow me to do the things I want to do when I want to do them, insted of doing them because I got no other choice or I’ld starve.

    This means that money is not a problem to fulfill my goal in life, and to support a better society

  3. My why is my kids; to give them a life full of cherished memories, value and purpose. Unfortunately, money – or lack thereof – forces you to make decisions against your core values.

    I know that my current job won’t get me to financial freedom – it barely pays my bills. While I build my business asset on top of my job, my goal with this course is to tighten my budget to reduce the consistent need to use my credit card to make up for my income deficit. I need to gain self-control, practice delayed gratification and live within my means, as I work towards my why.

  4. I’m tired of being in debt. I would love to pay off all my credit cards and be able to handle a life emergency without them. Also, save more for retirement. I would love to travel once retired.

  5. I need to learn how to say “no” to myself and to my kids when it comes to thoughtless shopping.

    I need to put the debit card away and use cash envelopes. I don’t pay attention as closely when I use the card. When using cash you see it actually disappear instead of false hope of thinking I have enough when I’m charging.

    I need to have more respect for my hard earned money. I work 6 days a week. If I Spend wisely I could eventually Go down to five days a week.

    I really need to look at my future, health and retirement. I’m healthy now but what if……

  6. I just want to feel responsible and less anxious about the future. I’ve come a long way since my 20’s as far as finances go but I sometimes I feel like it was just dumb luck and not on purpose. I want to be financially comfortable for my children’s future as well.

  7. I dont want to live pay cheque to pay cheque anymore. I want a budget that allows me to go further in life, without having to worry about if I can afford it & be able to experience a good life with my family.

  8. I want yo be debt free. I want to stop no using credit cards. I want to travel with the family with out having tonuse credit cards.

  9. I would like to have an account where if I want to go out or on a holiday, do a course,
    The money is available.
    I would like to have enough money in a budget account to cover all bills as they occur and grocery shopping.

  10. I want to be able to pay bills on time which will help me remove late fees or nsf fees. I have one son in college and one soo will be on his way to college. I want to be able to help and still remain financially sound in my life.

  11. I would like to not have to worry about a lack of money for paying bills. I would like to be able to do things I like without thinking about what money I’m spending.
    I would like to have enough extra money put aside in an emergency fund for when unexpected expenses crop up.

  12. I’m on a pension. I would like to have a decent bank balance so that I am not living pay to pay.
    I have started to divi up my pay into sub accounts.
    Hoping to have the emergency account up and running soon

  13. I really want to see where my money is going. I get nickeled and dimed by things, forgetting that it all adds up. This program seems like it would be a great way to be in communication with my husband so we can see instantly what is left in our budget. We would both like the freedom of paying off our mortgage and cars to be able to travel more and spoil our grandkids.

  14. I want to establish a legacy of wealth for my family. I want to be the lender and not the borrower. I want to be able to give without worry.

  15. I really wish to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren. That would include family travel and togetherness. Additionally, having enough funds to maintain a comfortable life while contributing to the needs of others.

  16. My goal is to set aside a month’s worth of bills, expenses and savings. All this while paying down debt. Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps method makes a lot of sense. No, I’m not using his budget system, just using as a guide. So, to start I should save $1000 FIRST! Imperative! Then, I start snowballing my debt – low to high balances. I have continually started this, but each time I have a cushion in savings, I have to access the money. Moving due to a new job, car expenses (this has been the bane of my existence), emergency vet visit, and worst of all shopping for the hell of it. I was set way back in June when I was scammed. Long story, and want to move on. It was a cushion for my moving expenses “forcing” me to use my credit cards. This is why I have to set aside that $1000 that Dave recommends.

  17. At age 70, I need to be careful with the money I have, as living expenses, healthcare etc. keep going up. I am currently in good financial shape, but that can change quickly with an unexpected accident or illness. GoodBudget is very helpful in making me keep track of my money. I use the reports to see what I’m overspending on. There is always more to learn about money management.

  18. I have been using this system for years! The freedom and peace of mind I have been given is priceless.

    My next ten years will be with a sharp focus on retirement, saving absolutely as much as I can.

  19. I would like to have more of a Slush fund, and be secure in the knowledge that I can buy “fun” things, instead of every penny being slated for regular monthly expenses.

  20. I want to be secure that I can pay all my bills and do stuff. I want to be planned for the unexpected and to have funds for travel too. I want to have peace of mind that my child will never go without.

  21. I would like to focus on saving more, for a proper future cushion and to purchase a new care by the end of the this year. I would also like to invest where I can see my money grow. Maybe look into some index funds.

  22. As we prepare for retirement, we had a serious and unexpected financial catastrophe. I’ve taken control of the finances as a result. GoodBudget is helping me to better see what a realistic path forward can be. I feel calmer knowing where every penny goes, and it makes planning for the future more hopeful.

  23. I would like to know exactaly how much a have to work every month and planing to work more for go traveling for example. I am completely lost, and work hard to do… nothing… no time and no money.

  24. I would like to be financially secure and know that we can replace things when they break, not get caught out by emergencies and have enough to live on.

  25. I definitely want to increase our saving and know that we have enough for any emergencies, my kids’ education, and to travel too.

  26. I want to stop living paycheck to paycheck, which is sad as I have a six figure salary. I want to increase savings and payoff debt. Never imagined it would take so long to recover from the 2008 recession.

  27. I want to learn to live within my means. My husband and I make pretty good money but I know a lot is wasted because we don’t have a plan in mind. Going forward, I’d like to be more intentional with my money.

  28. I want to be debt free asap and be able to live comfortably without having to worry about unexpected bills popping up and how I am going to pay for them. Financial freedom to live mainly worry-free and not have to miss out on things that I love because of not being able to afford to do it.

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