How Might You Give?

Week 4 | Day 20 | GB 101: Budget Bootcamp

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Welcome back! Yesterday you made space in your budget for giving. Today, you’ll make plans to give to someone or something that’s important to you.

We reached out to a couple we know, Greg and Sarah, and asked them why they give. They told us they give to a local music charity and another one that cares for women and children in an underserved area of their city. They also said,

“We love people and want to offer what we have to people who are making a difference in the world.”

It sounds like they think about giving as an opportunity to support people and organizations that are doing work that is important to them. That’s a great jumping off point for today’s task!

Today’s Assignment

  1. Brainstorm ways to give. Come up with ideas for how you’d like to use your Giving Envelope. Is there a local charity you want to give to, or a program at your child’s school you’d like to give money to support? Make a list of ideas, and stop there. There will be time to write a check or hit a ‘donate’ button later this week.
  2. Share some of your giving ideas in the comments below! If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, you might find some inspiration from others.

Happy budgeting,
-The Goodbudget Team

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11 thoughts on “How Might You Give?”

  1. Ooh, I have a few ideas!
    * relief for those affected by wildfires and power shutoffs in California and other types of disaster relief
    * political campaigns that support my values
    * homelessness services organizations
    * socks or sandwiches or money for people who are unhoused
    * food banks
    * gifts or scholarships for children in low-income families
    * organizations working to end mass incarceration and abolish the prison industrial complex
    * arts organizations
    * other community organizations
    * alumni associations
    * medical research organizations
    * animal shelters
    * my local public broadcasting station
    * my public library

  2. There are coffee shops that I go to who have a donation scheme where you pay for an extra cuppa / cake/ whatever and they keep the money aside for those that have no money

  3. We give to individuals. My husband is a recovering addict and is passionate about helping others in the same situation. He is a counselor and so we help those who are getting back on their feet with different things they may need.

  4. I want to help homelessness and children without
    And animals
    I also want to raise awareness for the pregnancy center!!

  5. I give to causes I support, such as Climate change and to Democrat candidates I support. I can’t give more than $5, due to being on a fixed income, but every little bit helps. I also volunteer.

  6. I want to give back by volunteering but no one will allow me to give back to my community because I’man ex felon 13 years ago smh? Anyone have any places that they know of that I could give my time and skills to? And what does that really say to someone that did make a change and didn’t go back into the prison system? That’s making better choices? If you don’t allow the good from all people that want to help regardless of their past issues then aren’t we biting are noses of despite our faces kind of? You think that they would welcome that help to see you doing acts of kindness when you have been a bad person in your past should be welcomed

  7. I give to causes I support and that I have confirmed that they prioritize funding to those in need. I will continue to give to the causes I support and with careful budgeting, I hope to increase what I can give.


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