2 people. 1 couple. 1 budget.

Is it hard or easy to share money with another person? Hear from Becky & Kenny as they share their experience of budgeting for the first time as a married couple.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Some of the struggles they faced sharing finances for the first time
  • How they’re different — and how they’re working it out
  • What they’ve learned about each other by sharing finances
  • How they’re having fun along the way

Becky said, “The thing I noticed most… was there were so many more bills.”

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7 thoughts on “2 people. 1 couple. 1 budget.”

  1. Such a great listen! It was really awesome that Becky & Kenny were so open. I’m currently in a long-term relationship, and it’s helpful to get perspective from couples about what it’s like share finances for the first time. Also, it seemed like they didn’t take themselves too seriously, and were just trying to find a balance that worked for them, without beating themselves up when their experiments didn’t work out. Well done!

  2. I was glad to hear a story of a tool being a help to relationship. The example of seeing in GB reports that their individual spending was actually more similar than they assumed is great, especially when it causes Becky and Kenny to see a better more accurate picture of each other. Becky and Kenny you have many years to look forward to of discovering new insights about each other. Learning something new about my wife each day is the best part of being married, by a long ways.


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