Downsizing on the way to retirement

Do you have a retirement plan? Matt & Jenelle have gotten started on theirs. It involves moving onto a boat…

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How they’re starting a new chapter as empty nesters
  • Why they made the decision to live on a houseboat
  • How they will deal with downsizing from 3BR to 1 tiny boat
  • What compromises they each made along the way
  • What they’re hoping to gain from living on a boat
  • How they’re feeling as they get closer to their move-in date

Matt confesses at the onset of their planning, “Jenelle hadn’t even been on a boat…”

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3 thoughts on “Downsizing on the way to retirement”

  1. This was such an interesting episode! I tried to imagine downsizing to fit all my belongings on a 32 foot boat and it was really hard to part with almost everything, especially all my sentimental items, so I feel for you, Jenelle! This is really an exercise of deciding what items are important to you and why.

    Also I learned so much about boats! 🙂


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