Buy a house… after giving savings away? (Pt 1)

Thinking of buying a home? Hear Juliette and Chi-Ming share part of their unconventional story of looking for a new home, and the unexpected generosity they experienced.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why they decided to move away from the home they loved
  • Who they decided to sell their old house to
  • How they thought about what kind of home would work for their family
  • Why they planned to be generous, even when it didn’t make sense practically
  • How they received generosity from others along the way

He said, “We had given all of our money away knowing we were going to buy a house.”

-Chi-En and the Goodbudget Team.

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1 thought on “Buy a house… after giving savings away? (Pt 1)”

  1. I love the hesitation/slightly uncomfortable sound you can hear in Chi-Ming’s voice when he acknowledges that they made the decision to give their savings away knowing he and his wife were going to buy a house. It’s like he knows the idea is kind of crazy, and exactly the opposite of what every financial advisor would advise when you’re getting ready to buy a home. I’ve listened to this episode a few times, and it still strikes every time I hear what they’ve done. And, it makes me wonder if my convictions were pulling me to give away all of my savings, could I actually do it??? Not so sure…


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