Saving 1/3 of every paycheck

How much have you saved for your next big purchase? Katey’s got a huge one in front of her: grad school. Hear how she saved up for the big expense.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Katey managed to graduate from college without loans
  • Why Katey chose to go to grad school and study architecture
  • Her plan for saving and paying for grad school
  • How she saved 8 months of paychecks in 2 years
  • What she did when she wasn’t able to save
  • How she’s feeling about it now

Katey says she’s “an incredibly spacey person” who’s not good with money. So how did she manage to save?

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2 thoughts on “Saving 1/3 of every paycheck”

  1. I enjoyed the show. I would be interested to see if is there any connections between Katie’s decisions about saving and the (possible) lordship of Jesus Christ in her life.

    • Titus, thanks for letting us know you enjoyed the show! We’ll ask Katey and see what she says. Hopefully we can include her response in the season finale!

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