Debt Freedom, At Last

What leg of the debt payoff race are you on? In the final episode of this season, we’ll hear Karisa share about completing her debt payoff journey, as well as a gutsy decision she made that helped her cross the finish line even faster.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The advice she received about her bold idea
  • What it was like to make her final payment
  • What she learned throughout the process
  • Her advice for people working to pay off debt

What was her big move in the final stretch? It involved using some of her savings…

-Chi-En and the Goodbudget Team

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Show Notes:

  • Reflection question: Is there something you’ve been working on financially, but maybe haven’t talked about with people you trust?  Share with us by commenting below.
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2 thoughts on “Debt Freedom, At Last”

  1. Woohoo, congratulations, Karisa!! It was so fun to follow along with you the whole season and get a real-life picture of what it looked like for you to tackle your debt. I love how you had a plan to start with but were also able to make adjustments along the way that made sense for you without feeling guilty about them! I’m so inspired by your journey and how you thought about it.

    I’m also inspired to ask for more input about financial decisions I’m making with people I trust. I do talk about my finances with my friends and family, but I often just tell people what I’m doing and don’t ask for input. I know you said you had mostly already decided on what you were going to do when you asked your mom and boyfriend, but I’m guessing if they had both had really strong feelings about not using your savings, perhaps because of some big expense they could see that you hadn’t thought of, you probably would have changed your mind! But you had to give them that opportunity to provide input in the first place, and that’s what I want to practice doing also.

    Thanks for being so open and real with sharing about your debt journey! I’m super excited for what’s to come in season 3!

  2. That’s incredible! Congrats, Karisa!

    It’s easy to read the initial headline think “paying off 40k, that worked for HER, but it’ll never work for ME.” It might not, but what I got from this series is not how much to pay in order to pay off my debt by a certain date; I learned more about the discipline it takes to get into the mindset to take on this financial goal and how it doesn’t need to be private or taboo. Thanks Karisa for being so open and vulnerable with your experience of being in debt.


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