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You told us that some incomes are never Unallocated. Once you get the money, it goes straight to Envelopes. So we added that to the Goodbudget website. Now, you can enter income and fill your Envelopes in one step. Plus, you can sweep any extra to any Envelope you choose. And of course, you can schedule these to happen automatically. (For budgeters transitioning from EEBA, you knew this as “Add Money / Receive Income > Specify.” Now it’s called “Fill Envelopes from New Income.”)


Today’s web release also included:

  • Restore ability to create, edit, and delete scheduled incomes in EEBA (old site)
  • Edit Accounts page waits to turn on Accounts until you create one or more Accounts
  • Bugfix for scheduled transactions’ reminder emails
  • Bugfix for split expenses when editing an empty row

We’re still working hard to add more features to Goodbudget! If you’d like to hear updates, we’ll be posting on our blogFacebook, and Twitter as we release new features.


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18 thoughts on “Fill from Income”

  1. I am so glad this feature is back. I have a zero based budget system so unallocated income doesn’t exist in my world! Question though, I have used this feature to create a few scheduled incomes. I have different envelopes I use for sweep envelopes other than unallocated. The initial envelope fill worked great but when I look at the scheduled upcoming incomes, the sweep envelope went back to unallocated. I tried changing it and clicking update but it still goes back to unallocated. Is it going to work correctly in the next time there is a transaction?

    • @Erin, I’m glad you like the feature! And it sounds like you’ve run into a display bug when you open the transaction the next time. If you click ‘Cancel’, the Fill will run correctly next time with your original sweep Envelope, even though you saw ‘Unallocated’. If you click ‘Save,’ however, it will then save ‘Unallocated’ as the sweep, so you’d need to re-choose your sweep to avoid problems. This bug is on our list of things to fix!

  2. I already have “fill from unallocated” set up and scheduled for bimonthly paychecks. Is there an easy way to change it to “fill from income” without starting over from scratch?

  3. How do you distribute money from Unallocated to an envelope? Also, how do you transfer money from one envelope to another?

    • @Brittany, To distribute money from Unallocated, click on Fill Envelopes. By default, this will use money from Unallocated and distribute it to your Envelopes. You’ll see “Fill from… Unallocated” in the summary on the right. To transfer money from one Envelope or another, click Add Transaction, then choose the Transfer tab.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can still only fill from income to one envelope, right? If I get $200 and want $100 to go to groceries and another $100 to go to savings, can I still do that in one step? It doesn’t appear I can.

    • We’re glad you were able to fill all of your Envelopes with your income through Fill From…New Income. For those reading in, you can fill all of your Envelopes using the Quick Fill dropdown menu or just type in an amount for each Envelope you’d like to fill.

    • Hi Vykta,

      To edit the Initial Envelope Fill, just go to your transaction history and select the transaction–you’ll see the Fill Envelopes page and edit how much you’ve added to each Envelope and fill any new Envelopes you’ve created since then. Going forward, you’ll create a new Envelope Fill for each income or budgeting period by clicking on the “Fill Envelopes” icon. Email if you have a specific question about your Household and we’ll be happy to help you!

    • Hi Danielle – If you just created your budget, the Initial Envelope Fill represents the amount of money that was needed to fill up your Envelopes. You can think of it as an income that was used to fill your Envelopes directly. You can edit that fill by clicking on it while in your Transaction History. If you have more questions, feel free to shoot us an email at Thanks!

  5. I’m trying to transfer money from one envelope to another but I don’t see a transfer option as mentioned in the above comments.

    • Hi Amanda – If you’re on iPhone, tap on More > Envelope Transfer. If you’re on Android, tap on the Overflow Menu > Envelope Transfer. If you’re trying to transfer funds to or form Unallocated, you’ll have to do so on the website. You can do that by clicking on Add Transaction > Transfer. Hope this helps!

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