2022 Goodbudget Feature Recap

Goodbudget got some updates this year, most of which were done in the name of making budgeting easier for you. But we also threw in one new feature that just adds some fun and personality. 

Here’s a recap of the big changes that happened in 2022.

New Web Report: Income by Source

Goodbudget already had lots of reports to help you analyze your spending, but there wasn’t a report to help you see a breakdown of your income. Many of you told us you needed a way to see how much you were bringing in and where that money was coming from. 

With the Income by Source report, you’re able to see a breakdown of where your paychecks came from, as well as see the total amount for each source over time. 

Emojis Make Budgets More Fun

You already use emojis in lots of other places, like in texts, in emails, on social media, and beyond. But you weren’t able to use them in your budget. 

Now, you can add some color and fun to your budget with emojis. Add them to your Envelope and Account Names, your Transaction Payees, and your Transaction Notes while on the Goodbudget app or web. 

Update your budget to add an emoji now.

See the full list of updates

In addition to some bigger changes, Goodbudget had a number of smaller updates to make things run smoother. See all of the updates (both big and small) on our Changelog

Happy budgeting,
The Goodbudget Team

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