May 13

Web 5.3.12

  • Fixed: Suppress duplicate creation to fix running balance / current balance mismatch for auto-assigned transactions

May 6

Web 5.3.11

  • Fixed: Reinstate side-by-side import for all users, make file upload available to all users

May 1

Web Release 5.3.10

  • Fixed: Added Canada to Plaid Link settings

April 22

Web Release 5.3

  • Fixed: An issue where the celebratory message for reaching a Goal blocked the notification of transactions to be Confirmed

April 9

iPhone Release 5.2

  • Added: The ability to link and unlink accounts
  • Updated some wording to better match the Web version

February 21

Web Release 5.2.5

  • Renamed Unallocated to Available

February 21

iPhone Release 5.1.4

  • Renamed Unallocated to Available
  • Fixed: An issue where the balance of Available didn’t take into account the balance of transactions needing an Envelope selection
  • Updated the Help Topics section to better reflect recent changes

February 15

iPhone Release 5.1.3

  • Fixed: An issue where the app would freeze when trying to split Confirmable Expenses to multiple Envelopes
  • Fixed: An issue where the app would freeze when trying to add or edit Notes on Confirmable Expenses
  • Fixed: An issue where Confirmable Incomes couldn’t be changed to Account Transfers

February 2

Web Release 5.2.3

  • Fixed: An issue where users would see the wrong subscription options when trying to renew

February 2

Web Release 5.2.2

  • Fixed: An issue where editing transactions from the Confirm page would show the wrong page after saving
  • Fixed: An issue where choosing to split an auto-imported transaction to multiple Envelopes would mess up future transactions using that Payee

January 31

Web Release 5.2.1

  • Fixed: An issue where subscriptions wouldn’t apply properly when switching between plans on the same term length (e.g. monthly -> monthly)

January 30

Web Release 5.2

  • Added: Messaging after new accounts are linked

January 29

Web Release 5.1.7

  • Updated subscription logic so upgrades consistently apply immediately

January 24

Web Release 5.1.6

  • Fixed: An issue where previously-linked accounts were showing errors even if they were no longer in use

January 24

Web Release 5.1.5

  • Fixed: An issue where the screen would flicker when leaving the Confirm page
  • Added: Messaging to indicate when linked accounts need to have their connections verified or refreshed

January 8

Web Release 5.1.4

  • Fixed: An issue preventing files from being uploaded for Importing and to the Priority Support form

January 4

Web Release 5.1.3

  • Fixed: An issue where Debt Payments couldn’t be marked as Cleared from within Debt Accounts
  • Fixed: An issue where separate halves of Account Transfers could not have their statuses changed independently
  • Fixed: An issue where the remaining amount of Unallocated money was showing incorrectly in Fills from Unallocated
  • Fixed: An issue where changing an Income to an Account Transfer incorrectly changed the sign of the Amount field
  • Fixed: An issue where Need to Confirm transactions sometimes couldn’t have their transaction type changed
  • Changed Bulk Edit options for Need to Confirm transactions to match their manually-created counterparts


December 13

Web Release 5.1.2

  • Fixed: An issue where transaction reminder emails were not getting sent properly
  • Fixed: An issue where clicking on certain Envelopes from the Spending by Envelope caused the website to load endlessly

December 12

Android Release 2.15

  • Miscellaneous updates to keep app updated with Android app guidelines / requirements
  • Saving Need to Confirm transactions now Confirms them instead of simply saving changes

December 6

iPhone Release 5.1.2

  • Fixed: An issue where adding Envelopes decreased the Total Budgeted amount
  • Fixed: An issue where registering a new household would appear unsuccessful despite registering properly
  • Fixed: An issue where Unallocated wouldn’t appear as an option for Envelope Transfers when all other Envelopes were in Groups
  • Fixed: An issue where Goal Envelopes wouldn’t show on the Fill/Income screen when Groups was turned off and no Primary period Envelopes were present
  • Fixed: An issue where the app would crash intermittently upon login

November 29

iPhone Release 5.1.1

  • Fixed: An issue where attempting to direct an Income’s funds to Unallocated froze the app
  • Fixed: An issue where Envelopes reported incorrect “ahead by” amounts for Monthly budgets that started on dates other than the 1st
  • Fixed: An issue where the tab menu was showing in light mode on the Accounts tab when the phone was on dark mode
  • Fixed: An issue where Incomes would show as Credits on the Confirm page
  • Minor wording changes for clarity

November 28

Web Release 5.1

  • Changed and clarified the wording of certain functions across the app
  • Fixed: An issue where Incomes with names that matched Payees of categorized and confirmed Expenses would increase the Envelopes total more than the Accounts total

November 20

iPhone Release 5.1

  • Updates for iOS 17
  • New Confirm page that shows transactions that need to be categorized and/or confirmed.
  • Fixed: An issue where switching to or from the app caused it to crash
  • Fixed: Scheduled Fill amounts can’t be saved as No Change
  • Fixed: App freezes when trying to save scheduled Expenses
  • Fixed: Credit Card Accounts cannot be changed to Debt Accounts
  • Fixed: Credit Card Accounts can’t be created in the Debt Account section, even if the payoff option is chosen correctly, and vice versa

November 9

iPhone Release 5.0

October 6

Web Release 5.0.12

  • Fixed: An issue where certain Debt and More Envelopes were showing blank budgeted amounts

September 28

Web Release 5.0.11

  • Fixed: An issue where the top More Envelope was not displaying its budgeted amount
  • Fixed: An issue where manually-created transactions showed on the Confirm page even after being deleted

August 29

Web Release 5.0.8

  • Fixed: An issue where un-checking a transaction while Reconciling prevented it from being Reconciled

August 22

Web Release 5.0.7

  • Fixed some visual issues on the Edit Accounts page
  • Fixed various issues on the Confirm page
  • Fixed: An issue where only one Debt Account could be created a time
  • Fixed: An issue where accounts would stay linked even after being deleted
  • Fixed: The count of transactions to confirm doesn’t update when transactions are un-Confirmed

August 9

Web Release 5.0.6

  • Fixed: Households changing from Plus to Free plans can’t see and select which Envelopes/Accounts to keep

August 4

Web Release 5.0.5

  • Fixed: Future scheduled transactions post immediately
  • Fixed: More Envelopes have a lower Name character limit than primary Envelopes

August 3

Web Release 5.0.4

  • Added: The ability to link and unlink accounts
  • Fixed various related display and design issues

April 19

Web Release 5.0

  • Fixed: Miscellaneous crashing bugs
  • Added: New structure for storing and processing transactions

April 13

Android Release 2.14.1

  • Fixed: Some issues with crashing on Android 13

March 30

Android Release 2.14

  • Security and performance updates
  • Updates for newer Android versions

February 23

iPhone Release 4.3.3

  • Fixed: An issue where ahead/behind messages were reporting incorrectly for Monthly Envelopes for Monthly budgets that started on a date other than the 1st

February 8

iPhone Release 4.3.2

  • Fixed: An issue where the black tracking lines weren’t showing on Monthly Envelopes for Monthly budgets that started on a date other than the 1st

February 6

iPhone Release 4.3.1

  • Fixed: An issue where inaccurate location data was being saved to transactions
  • Fixed: Help pages don’t show properly in dark mode
  • Fixed: Incorrect text showing when editing Envelope Fills
  • Fixed: Long press leads to the Envelopes tab, not Add Transaction menu

January 30

iPhone Release 4.3

  • Added: The ability to add and edit Due Dates on Monthly and longer Envelopes
  • Added: Due Dates now show for Envelopes when tapping on them and when looking at them while Filling from Unallocated or Adding Income

January 10

Web Release 4.8.4

  • Fixed: An issue with the Failed Payment notification email
  • Added: A link to the main website from transaction reminder emails
  • Fixed: Adding a Due Date to an Envelope changes its Fill amount to 0.00 in any scheduled Fills


December 21

Web Release 4.8.3

  • Fixed: Creating a Debt Envelope without a Due Date sometimes creates an invisible Envelope or causes an endless loading circle on the home page

December 6

Web Release 4.8.2

  • Fixed: Due Dates that roll over to the end of a future month sometimes roll into the next month
  • Added: Adding a new transaction when Reconciling will default to the Account being Reconciled

November 1

Web Release 4.8.1

  • Fixed: Due Dates for Goal Envelopes cannot be removed
  • Changed: Budgeted amounts for Envelopes with longer periods than Monthly that have Due Dates once again show primary budget period budgeted amounts

October 3

Web Release 4.8

  • Added: Income by Source Report
  • Fixed: Header on the Spending by Month Report doesn’t change when the Date filters are changed
  • Fixed: Selecting an Envelope from the Spending by Month Report when the Account filter is used doesn’t save the Account filter in the resulting search
  • Added: New “total” column for the Spending by Month Report

September 6

Web Release 4.7

  • Added: The ability to add emoji to Transactions on Web
  • Added: The ability to add emoji to Transactions on iPhone
  • Added: The ability to add emoji to Transactions on Android
  • Fixed: Budgeted Allocation Report reports current Fill suggestion as budgeted amount for Envelopes with Due Dates rather than the full budgeted amount
  • Fixed: Edit Envelopes page reports current Fill suggestion as budgeted amount for Envelopes with Due Dates rather than the full budgeted amount

August 16

iPhone Release 4.2

  • Added: New layout of household management options
  • Fixed: Sweep amount doesn’t update when using Add/Set All when creating an Income
  • Fixed: Tapping the Notes field sometimes opens the Quick Fill menu
  • Fixed: Completed Fills show the wrong Fill option for Debt Envelopes

June 13

iPhone Release 4.1.1

  • Added: The ability to add emoji to Envelopes and Accounts on iPhone

May 23

Web Release 4.6

  • Added: The ability to add emoji to Envelopes and Accounts on Web
  • Added: The ability to add emoji to Envelopes and Accounts on Android

January 14

Web Release 4.3.1

  • Fixed: Manage household on Web button on mobile apps redirects to home page


December 15

Web Release 4.2.1

  • Fixed: Some Priority Support emails were getting stuck

December 8

Web Release 4.2

  • Fixed: Syncing problems related to duplicate email addresses

November 8

Web Release 4.1.1

  • Fixed: The transactions list for Unallocated could not be viewed

November 5

Web Release 4.1

  • Fixed: Mismatched horizontal alignment of Due Date Edit buttons on Edit Envelopes page
  • Fixed: Credit Card Accounts were incorrectly showing Due Date options
  • Fixed: Transition page for changing from Plus to Free does not load
  • Fixed: Some arrows on home page showing incorrectly

November 3

Web Release 4.0

  • Added: Due dates for Monthly (primary and non-primary), Every 2 Months, Every 3 Months, and Every 6 Months Envelopes.
  • Added: Due dates for Debt Payment Envelopes
  • Added: Due dates appear on the home page, when clicking on a specific Envelope, and when filling Envelopes.

November 1

Web Release 3.31.3

  • Fixed: An issue where the prompt to update billing info appeared for active subscriptions
  • Fixed: New subscription payments are not added to the Payment History page

October 22

Web Release 3.31.2

  • Fixed: An issue where password reset emails timed out instantly

September 1

Web Release 3.29

  • Fixed: An issue where scheduled transactions were not posting automatically

July 28

Web Release 3.27.1

  • Fixed: An issue where users with failed payments could not update their subscriptions

July 19

Web Release 3.27

  • Updated subscription checkout experience
  • Updated subscription flow to distinguish between updating billing information and changing subscription plan
  • Added extra information to payment confirmation and history pages

July 14

Web Release 3.26.2

  • Fixed: Alerts for un-Filled Envelopes not clearing even after Envelopes are Filled

July 14

Web Release 3.26.1

  • Fixed: slight misalignment of Quick Fill menu on Fill Envelopes page

July 13

Web Release 3.26

  • Added: Alerts that appear to prompt Filling Envelopes when new Envelopes are created
  • Fixed: Setting an Envelope to a balance of 0.00 doesn’t increase the count of Envelopes Filled with that Fill

June 8

iOS Release 4.0.13

  • Fixed: Some issues where text was covered on the Fill page after selecting certain Fill options
  • Fixed: Some text is unreadable when the phone is set to non-default text sizes.

May 6

Web Release 3.24.2

  • Fixed: Some Every 2/3/6 Months Envelopes calculate the wrong budget period budgeted amount

May 5

Web Release 3.24

  • Fixed: Manage Email Preferences page doesn’t show some lists even if properly subscribed
  • Fixed: Scheduled Transactions page header bar icons are different than other pages

May 3

iOS Release 4.0.12

  • Fixed: Happy mascot image looks squished on detail view for Annual Envelopes
  • Fixed: Large numbers on the Income / Fill pages are cut off by the balance bar
  • Fixed: Set Fill options cannot be chosen for scheduled Incomes / Fills
  • Tapping the “Specific” Fill option now automatically brings up the keyboard.

April 21

iOS Release 4.0.10

  • Fixed: Rollover toggle hides Annual amount row for Annual Envelopes
  • Fixed: Crashing when Envelopes with budgeted amounts between 0 and 1 have very high or very low balances.

March 30

iOS Release 4.0.7

  • Fixed: Rollover toggle doesn’t work if toggled after a Fill option is selected

March 29

iOS Release 4.0.6

  • Fixed: Add All/Set All to budgeted amount doesn’t calculate total Amount for households with Accounts Off
  • Fixed: Set All to budgeted amount option is visually stuck for households with Accounts Off

March 24

iOS Release 4.0.5

  • Added some text to clarify the use of the toggle between Add/Set on the Income and Fill screens

March 18

iOS Release 4.0.3

  • Fixed: Envelopes with budgeted amount of 0 show green balance bars regardless of actual balance

March 9

iOS Release 4.0.1

February 8

Web Release 3.22

  • Updated some website fonts
  • Fixed: Description shows up in the wrong place in reminder emails for scheduled Expense transactions
  • Fixed: Size of Reconciliation window is too small, making it hard to view transactions


December 2

Web Release 3.20

  • Adjusted visual design of CAPTCHA on signup page
  • Fixed: Finishing a Reconciliation will show the Accounts tab on the home screen, not the Envelopes tab

December 2

iOS Release 3.2.1

  • Fixed: An issue causing various crashing issues

November 24

Web Release hotfix

  • Added: CAPTCHA to signup page

November 10

Web Release 3.19

  • Adjusted the Reconciliation transaction limit warning message
  • Fixed: Formatting issues on the subscription information page
  • Added: Column for Check # on CSV Exports

November 5

Web Release 3.18

  • Added: Page in Household Preferences that allows for easy management of Goodbudget email list subscriptions
  • Added: Alert that warns if the listed Reconciliation has too many transactions
  • Fixed: Formatting issues on the signup and login pages
  • Fixed: Editing a Reconciled Fill from New Income changes status to un-Reconciled

November 4

iPhone Release 3.2

  • Fixed: Bug causing the Schedule button to be overwritten by the Sweep button on some Income transactions

October 28

Web Release 3.17

  • Fixed: Transactions list scrolls back to the top when (non-Fill) transactions are viewed edited.
  • Fixed: Reconcile Transactions list scrolls back to the top when (non-Fill) transactions are viewed edited.

October 6

iOS Release 3.1.2

  • Fixed: Date picker shows incorrectly on iOS 14
  • Fixed: Phones register as new devices daily on iOS 14

September 28

iOS Release 3.1

  • Added: Alerts that appear when new Envelopes are created
  • Fixed: Bug preventing Interest rates between 4.1 and 4.19

September 28

Web Release 3.14

  • Added: Button to select-all or unselect-all transactions on Reconciliation page
  • Fixed: Colour of buttons on certain popups was hard to read
  • Added: Some validation to check against common email address misspellings on signup

August 19

Android Release 2.12

  • Added: Notes can now be created, viewed, and edited on Envelope / Account Transfers
  • Fixed: Reports do not show transactions associated with deleted Envelopes / Accounts
  • Fixed: All Envelopes amount does not include Unallocated

August 17

iPhone Release 3.0.1

  • Fixed: Bug causes certain households to experience crashing after syncing Envelopes

August 10

iPhone Release 3.0

July 21

Web Release 3.12.1

  • Fixed: Some scheduled transactions do not post automatically on scheduled date
  • Fixed: Some Google Play subscriptions show as cancelled when they aren’t cancelled

June 30

Web Release 3.11

  • Fixed: Some links to Help Center pages on Web app are broken

June 2

iPhone Release 2.8

  • Added: Debt Payment transaction type
  • Added: Interest, Fee, or New Charge transaction type
  • Fixed: Account Transfers can be created even if Accounts are turned off

May 27

Android Release 2.11

  • Software updates and Google Play requirements
  • Fixed: Pending transactions with positive amounts do not show green-colored text

May 11

iPhone Release 2.7

  • Added: Debt Progress Report
  • Fixed: Pending transactions with positive amounts do not show green text
  • Fixed: Incomes with decimal amounts round down to nearest whole number on Regions using the comma decimal separator

March 23

Web Release 3.6.2

  • Fixed: An issue with recurring subscriptions

March 12

Web Release 3.6

  • Fixed: Some due dates on Every 2 Weeks Envelopes cannot be chosen for households on Weekly budget periods

February 19

iPhone Release 2.6

February 18

Web Release 3.4.1

  • Fixed: Text entered in search bar is white-on-white and hard to read

February 13

Web Release 3.4

  • Added: Attachment field to Priority Support form
  • Fixed: Adding or editing transactions while Reconciling an Account randomly un-Clears other transactions
  • Fixed: Changing Budget Period to Every 2 Weeks on the Web shows wrong information in date picker
  • Fixed: Every 2 Weeks Budget Period shows the wrong ahead/behind Envelope information
  • Fixed: Fill suggestions for Annual/Goal Envelopes with Due Dates are incorrect for Households using the dd/mm date format and the Every 2 Weeks Budget Period

February 11

iPhone Release 2.5.1

  • Fixed: Can’t edit Payee for posted Expense/Credit transactions

February 10

Web Release 3.3.10

  • Fixed: Transfer transactions incorrectly show money moving in the wrong direction in the all transactions view

January 28

iPhone Release 2.5

  • One button to add transactions: all transactions (Expenses/Credits, Incomes, Fills, and Transfers) are now added through the Add Transaction button rather than through the More tab
  • Added: Notes field on Envelope/Account Transfers
  • Fixed: Reports background shows as black, obscuring some information
  • Fixed: Minor crashing and syncing issues

January 15

iPhone Release 2.4.1

  • Fixed: Save location toggle would show even for transactions without saved location data
  • Fixed: Some cases where location data was being saved even if set to not save


December 11

Web Release 3.3.6

  • Fixed: Certain Transfer transactions post with name “null”
  • Fixed: Reset password page validates username, preventing users who
    set their usernames under the old rules from resetting their passwords

December 5

Web Release 3.3.5

  • Minor security update

November 13

iPhone Release 2.4

October 22

iPhone Release 2.3

  • Facelift to iPhone app

October 21

Web Release 3.3.4

  • Updated Reports to match updated colour scheme
  • Improved performance of signup page

October 10

Android Release 2.10.1

  • Fixed: Transactions made while not connected to the internet only sync one at a time when reconnected

September 30

Web Release 3.3.3

  • Updated webapp facelift with muted colour scheme
  • Fixed: Postpone button on Reconcile screen is hard to see
  • Fixed: Mascot images in the gallery cards appear blurry
  • Fixed: Login button doesn’t lead to homepage even when user is already logged in
  • Fixed: Transfers show the selected Envelope / Account rather than
    the other involved Envelope / Account in transactions list when an
    Envelope / Account is selected

September 23

iPhone Release

  • iOS 13 compatibility

September 16

Web Release 3.3.2

  • Changed settings to to improve website performance

September 6

Web Release 3.3.1

  • WordPress security update

August 7

Android Release 2.10

  • Fixed: App would prompt to add location to transactions even if location preference setting is turned off

August 5

Web Release 3.3

  • Facelift to website and webapp design
  • Updated format and content of Scheduled transaction reminder emails
  • Fixed: Issue where subscription payments would go through without prompting confirmation email or updating Payment History page

July 17

Web Release 3.2.6

  • Fixed: Household username and display name can be saved as blank

June 12

Android Release 2.8.7

  • Fixed: Annual/Goal Envelopes cannot be reordered properly
  • Fixed: App crashes when subscription details help page is accessed without an internet connection

May 30

Web Release 3.2.5

  • Fixed: Mobile apps did not sync after simultaneous deletion of large amounts of Envelopes

May 20

Web Release 3.2.4

  • Fixed: Debt Progress Report incorrectly shows Debt Accounts whose names begin with “0”
  • Small text and icon changes

May 14

Web Release 3.2.3

  • Security patch

May 8

iPhone Release 2.1.6

  • Fixed: Debt Balance Envelope displays as linked to Debt Account balance adjustment transactions

May 8

Android Release 2.8.6

  • Fixed: Miscellaneous crashing issues
  • Fixed: Issues where the same phone connected to a household as more than one device

April 30

Web Release 3.2.1

  • Fixed: pending Debt Charges do not appear on the Scheduled Transactions page
  • Fixed: three transaction lines appear for each Transfer
  • Fixed: updating Checking, Savings, or Cash Account balance when also deleting a Debt Account causes Envelope/Account mismatch

April 24

Web Release 3.2

  • Added: Notes field on Envelope Transfers, Account Transfers, Account Adjustments, Debt Account Adjustments on Web

April 16

Web Release 3.1

April 3

Web Release 2.0.24 / 3.0.24

  • Re-enabled editing / deleting of the Creation transaction for deleted Debt Accounts
  • Fixed: Clearing Debt Adjustments for deleted Debt Accounts causes money to appear in Unallocated
  • Fixed: Clearing Debt Payments for deleted Debt Accounts through the advanced search causes money to appear in Unallocated
  • Fixed: Deleted Debt Accounts show in the Debt Progress Report even when no transactions are visible
  • Fixed: Clearing the creation transaction for a deleted Debt Account
    causes the Debt Progress Report to incorrectly report debt payoff

March 11

Web Release 3.0.22

  • Fixed: Debt Account max balance calculates incorrectly when the creation transaction is Cleared

March 4

Web Release 3.0.20

  • Fixed: Clearing the creation transaction for a deleted Debt Account causes money to appear in Unallocated

February 26

iPhone Release 2.1.5

  • Fixed: Reset password email links to login screen rather than password reset screen
  • Fixed: Debt Payment transactions are associated with Debt Balance Envelope not Debt Payment Envelope

February 26

Android Release 2.8.5

  • Fixed: Tapping “View on web” on Debt Payment transaction does not open transaction in mobile web

February 20

iPhone Release

  • Fixed: Choosing today’s date as the start of the date range hides today’s transactions from Reports

February 13

Web Release 2.17.17 / 3.0.17

  • Debt functionality

January 28

Web Release 2.17.15 / 3.0.15

  • Added: New prompts when deleting Debt Accounts and Debt Payment Envelopes
  • Fixed: Advanced Search for Accounts does not correctly filter only the chosen Account

January 15

Android Release 2.8.2

  • Fixed: Fill Envelopes calculation for Debt Payment Envelopes is incorrect when using a non-monthly budget period
  • Fixed: Pending Debt Payment transactions do not appear in the envelope/account detail view

January 14

iPhone Release

  • Fixed: Fill Envelopes calculation for Debt Payment Envelopes is incorrect when using a non-monthly budget period
  • Fixed: Pending Debt Payment transactions do not appear in the envelope/account detail view
  • Fixed: Tapping “View on web” on Debt Payment transaction does not open transaction in mobile web

January 9

Web Release 2.17.14 / 3.0.14

  • Fixed: Syncing bugs


December 19

Web Release 2.17.13, 3.0.13

  • Fixed: Fill Envelopes calculation for Debt Payment Envelopes is incorrect when using a non-monthly budget period on Web
  • Fixed: Debt Account maximum balance calculation does not adjust properly when Debt Charges are edited or deleted

December 12

Web Release 2.17.12, 3.0.12

  • Fixed: Buttons for updating or renewing subscriptions were not linking to the correct pages

December 5

Web Release 2.17.11, 3.0.11

  • Fixed: Asset accounts do not correctly report cleared balance that includes cleared debt payment transactions with interest
  • Fixed: Debt accounts do not correctly report interest paid from debt payment transactions cleared in asset accounts

November 19

iPhone Release 2.1.1

  • Debt compatibility

November 14

Web Release 2.17.10, 3.0.10

  • Fixed: Editing debt account creation transaction changes balance of Unallocated
  • Fixed: Debt Progress Report shows incorrect date range
  • Fixed: Pending debt payment amounts on mobile are listed as 0.00 in the envelope/account detail view
  • Fixed: Debt payment envelopes can be deleted on iOS

October 18

Web Release 2.17.9, 3.0.9

  • Fixed: Fill Envelopes “Set all” function does not include Debt Payment Envelopes
  • Fixed: Add/Edit Envelopes calculation is wrong when primary period is on Every 2 Weeks or Semi-Monthly

October 11

Web Release 2.17.8, 3.0.8

  • Fixed: Syncing on devices with old versions of Goodbudget app when debt accounts are created

October 10

Web Release 2.17.7, 3.0.7

  • Fixed: Debt bug fixes
  • Fixed: Syncing bugs

October 10

Web Release 2.17.6, 3.0.6

  • Fixed: Debt bug fixes
  • Fixed: Syncing bugs

September 27

Web Release 2.17.5, 3.0.5

  • Fixed: Debt bug fixes

September 27

Android Release 2.8.1

  • Fixed: Crashing when app is launched

August 29

Android Release 2.8

  • Debt compatibility

August 24

iPhone Release

  • Debt compatibility

August 22

Android Release 2.7.1

  • Fixed: Crashing on OS below 5.0

August 21

Web Release 3.0

  • Debt functionality
  • Debt tracking on Web: Began phased release

August 20

Android Release 2.7

  • Location Permissions update
  • Fixed: Widget crash

July 18

iPhone Release 2.0

  • iPhone X compatibility
  • Force Touch to Add Transaction
  • Fixed: Crashing on Transactions tab if you don’t have any posted transactions

July 9

Android Release 2.6.5

  • Bug fixes

May 2

Web Release 2.14.3

  • Disabled TLS 1.0

May 2

Web Release 2.14.2

  • Fixed: Advanced search Date display bug

April 24

Web Release 2.14.1

  • Fixed: Apple subscription updates

April 4

Web Release 2.14

  • Fixed: Deleted envelopes and accounts show up in reports, can filter by deleted envelopes and accounts

February 16

Web Release 2.13.4

  • Added: Refreshed look and feel of web app


November 10

iPhone Release 1.7.5

  • Added: In-App Purchase update
  • Fixed: pending transactions messaging, crashing bugs

November 1

iPhone Release 1.7.4

  • Added: App Store Video

October 18

iPhone Release

  • Fixed: Crashing bug for users in non-US regions
  • Fixed: Crashing on More tab
  • Fixed: Sync bug

September 19

iPhone Release 1.7.2

  • Added: New app icon
  • Fixed: Crashing bug

September 19

iPhone Release 1.7

  • Added: Visual update
  • Added: Optimized for iOS 11

August 24

Web Release 2.11.1

  • Fixed: Pending transactions will post faster

July 20

Android Release 2.6.4

  • Fixed: Crashing bugs

June 19

May 26

Android Release 2.6.3

  • Fixed: Subscription error when household isn’t registered

May 11

Android Release 2.6.1

  • Added: Support taller screens

April 6

Android Release 2.6

  • Added: Add, edit, hide, reorder Accounts
  • Added: Recurring payments through Google Play

April 6

Web Release 2.10

  • Added: Android 2.6 in-app billing compatibility

March 8

Web Release 2.9.1

  • Added: Don’t post pending transactions or send Reminder emails to inactive users
  • Fixed: Reminder emails are sent to all users that are opted in
  • Fixed: Some scheduled transactions didn’t post due to deadlock error

February 8

Web Release 2.9


December 16

Web Release 2.8.1

  • Update: Scheduled chron update
  • Fixed: Javascript error when special characters are used in Fills from Unallocated
  • Fixed: Can’t edit Fills from New Income when sweep is not Unallocated

December 7

Web Release 2.8

  • Fixed: Scheduled fill amounts – “Add Budget amount of 0.00” distinguished from “Add 0.00 (No Change)”
  • Fixed: Splits and Fills no longer create running balance errors
  • Added: Text updates in emails

November 15

Android Release 2.4.2

  • Fixed: Exceeded device limit bug

November 2

iPhone Release

  • Fixed: Update budget period when saved through iOS app

October 24

iPhone Release

September 8

Web Release 2.7.1

  • Fixed: Show details for pre-existing scheduled transactions on Android

September 2

Android Release 2.5

September 1

Web Release 2.7

  • Fixed: Reports can be printed without extra URL text
  • Fixed: Annuals & Goals without due dates now show “Saved so far” and “Spent”
  • Fixed: Scheduled Fills now fill all desired Envelopes
  • Added: Manage Notifications on one page for all Scheduled transactions

March 18

Web Release 2.6.9

  • Fixed: Bugs related to saving changes on the Add/Edit Envelope page

May 11

Web Release 2.6.8

  • Added: Support taller screens


December 9

Android Release 2.4.3, Web Release 2.6.7

  • Added: Email-only sign up, no longer need to create a unique username
  • Added: Login with Household username or email address

October 23

Web Release 2.6.7

  • Fixed: No longer sending scheduled income reminder emails to users that didn’t request them
  • Updated: Archive audit tables

October 15

Android Release 2.4.2

  • Added: Spending Report and Income Report
  • Added: Material Design visual update, Floating Action Button
  • Fixed: Android toasts show sad toast when adding transaction to liability account
  • Fixed: Credit Card Account balances with credits show up as negative amounts in drop down menus, but they should be positive

September 30

iPhone Release 1.5.4

  • Added: Reports Overview screen
  • Added: Optimization for iPhone 6/6 Plus
  • Added: Built with iOS 8 SDK and includes 64-bit support
  • Updated: Tab icons images
  • Fixed: Add Money will auto-fill Account if there’s only one
  • Fixed: Account will no longer show up in the Envelope field when splitting a transaction to multiple Envelopes

July 31

Web Release 2.6.6

  • Added: Desk email signature images
  • Added: Phone number to Priority Support
  • Fixed: Shorten footer
  • Fixed: Add/Edit Envelopes “Group Envelopes” link broken

June 26

Android Release 2.3.1

  • Fixed: Envelope overview Monthly total calculation
  • Fixed: Unallocated is updated to new budget period
  • Fixed: Reduce Envelope Overview loading time so scrolling is less sticky

June 22

Android Release 2.3

  • Added: Goal Envelopes support
  • Added: Give Goal and Annual Envelopes due dates
  • Added: New fill calculation for envelopes with due dates
  • Added: Show Unallocated as a sweep option when editing Fill from New Income

May 13

Web Release 2.6.2

  • Fixed: Advanced Search – rewrite transaction query to use named parameters
  • Fixed: Receive Priority support emails

May 8

Web Release 2.6.1

  • Added: Show more Envelopes, move Add Transaction and Fill Buttons to header
  • Added: Show check number in Transaction history
  • Fixed: Added Transaction module fixed to page – Save button visible by scrolling down
  • Fixed: Import – can drag transaction to scroll and match to a transaction that was off screen
  • Fixed: Import CSV supports DD-MMM-YY format
  • Fixed: Reports and Advance search correctly filters for transactions using DD/MM/YYYY format
  • Fixed: Allow split transactions when Envelope names have apostrophes

April 28

Web Release 2.6

  • Database Migration
  • Added: link to Twitter on Maintenance page
  • Fixed: Envelope Detail gallery card math

April 20

Web Release

February 18

Web Release 2.5.1

  • Added: Wordpress plugin
  • Fixed: “Export all” option in EEBA now includes current balances and export date

February 12

Web Release 2.5

  • Added: Stripe integration
  • Added: “Export all” option in EEBA
  • Fixed: Don’t allow saving new Account with no name/amount

January 8

Web Release 2.4.4

  • Added: Envelope Balances Report
  • Fixed: Export CSV shows correct split amounts
  • Fixed: Monthly budget is no longer always the 1st on mobile after syncing
  • Fixed: Notes saved in Fills
  • Fixed: Must create an Account to save


December 4

Web Release 2.4.3

  • Added: Schedule “Once” option
  • Added: Rate prompter rules
  • Fixed: Future dated transactions post immediately
  • Fixed: Mobile app no longer crashes when budget period is semi-monthly

December 4

Android Release 2.2

  • Added: Spanish support
  • Fixed: Manage Household on Web link
  • Fixed: Unallocated running balance
  • Fixed: Change email updates opt-in text

December 3

Web Release 2.4.2

  • Added: Upgrade Elegant Builder

September 19

Web Release 2.4.1

  • Fixed: Envelope Detail Gallery Card math
  • Fixed: Suggested budget amount for Goal Envelopes with no due dates
  • Fixed: Messaging in EEBA blocking active fields

September 19

Web Release 2.4

  • Added: Annual Envelopes with due dates
  • Added: Goal Envelopes
  • Added: Re-organized Fill Envelopes page
  • Fixed: Link to User Guide on Priority Support page

October 13

iPhone Release 1.4.1

August 27

Web Release 2.3.1

  • Fixed: Incomes now handled correctly in reconciles

August 19

Web Release 2.3

  • (Release post)
  • Added: Remembered refills
  • Added: Pending transactions improvements
  • Fixed: Updating a subscription no longer cancels existing subscription first
  • Fixed: Support for >99 Envelopes for paid users
  • Fixed: Many, many, bug fixes.

August 11

Android Release 2.1

May 11

June 24

iPhone Release 1.3.5

  • Fixed: Rate Prompter link for iOS7

June 10

Web Release 2.2.2

  • Fixed: Import CSV fixes
  • Fixed: Forgot password email for iOS now includes username

May 13

iPhone Release 1.3.4

  • Fixed: Account adjustments now display correctly
  • Fixed: Performance and stability improvements

February 8

Android Release 1.9

  • Added: More accessible subscribe options
  • Fixed: Deleting a transaction before it has synced now behaves correctly
  • Fixed: Starting a new household now works more reliably

April 15

Web Release 2.2.0

May 7

iPhone Release 1.3.3

  • Fixed: Manage Household link fixed

February 10

Web Release 2.1.0

  • Added: Updates to Plans and Signup pages
  • Fixed: Editing specify incomes no longer changes sweep envelope
  • Fixed: Editing transactions no longer triggers auto-suggest

February 6

Web Release 2.0.5

  • Added: “Save and New” option when recording transactions
  • Added: “Run Now” button for pending transactions
  • Fixed: Editing pending transfers now works correctly
  • Fixed: Changed references of EEBA to Goodbudget
  • Fixed: Users who start on mobile can opt in to email notifications
  • Fixed: Editing Account Adjustments now works correctly

February 6

iPhone Release 1.3.2

  • Added: New households now receive one free account
  • Fixed: Stability and performance improvements


December 20

Web Release 2.0.4

  • Added: Specify incomes
  • Fixed: Reminder emails now sent correctly
  • Fixed: Edit Accounts page no longer lets users have accounts on with no accounts
  • Fixed: Scheduled transactions now delete correctly

December 10

Web Release 2.0.3

  • Added: Download as CSV option for transaction history
  • Fixed: Forgot Password email bug fixed
  • Fixed: Switching tabs mid-transaction entry now works correctly

December 3

Web Release 2.0.2

  • Fixed: Scheduled transactions now post more reliably
  • Fixed: Search box now supports apostrophes
  • Fixed: Improved browser compatibility of add transaction window
  • Fixed: Updated text to Goodbudget branding
  • Fixed: Server-side sync improvements

November 14

Web Release 2.0.0

  • Added: Launch of site

November 13

Android Release 1.8

  • Added: Goodbudget branding

November 12

iPhone Release 1.3.1

  • Added: Goodbudget branding
  • Fixed: Misc layout issues

September 23

iPhone Release 1.3

  • Added: Support for 4″ displays
  • Added: Support for iOS 7

March 25

iPhone Release 1.2.2

  • Added: Support for new plan levels and free Accounts


November 13

Web Release 1.16.10

  • Added: Acknowledgement when users activate Accounts feature
  • Fixed: Unintended logout while using web app
  • Fixed: Scheduled transactions list now sorts by next run date
  • Fixed: Expense Breakdown report now sorts properly in all circumstances

November 7

Android Release

  • Fixed: Display performance increase on Transaction History screen.

April 18

Android Release 1.7.2

  • Fixed: Decimal comma bug on Add Money and Distribute screens

April 4

Android Release 1.7.1

  • Fixed: Date order on Add Money and Distribute screens

April 2

Android Release 1.7

  • Added: See, add, and distribute Unallocated Money
  • Added: Custom start dates for semi-monthly and bi-weekly budget periods
  • Added: Easier setup flow for new users
  • Changed: Add, edit, and reorder Envelopes in one place

March 28

Web Release 1.16.9

  • Added: Custom start dates for semi-monthly and bi-weekly budget periods
  • Fixed: Faster loading pages within web app

February 15

Android Release 1.6.4

  • Fixed: Display of envelope bars on 4.0.x (Ice Cream Sandwich)

January 11

Web Release 1.16.8

  • Fixed: Faster loading home page
  • Added: Auto-suggest Envelopes for imported Transactions
  • Added: Better support for editing transactions on deleted Accounts


December 21

Android Release 1.6.3

  • Added: Forgot password support
  • Fixed: Display of envelope transfers, split transactions

December 7

Web Release 1.16.7

  • Fixed: Edit Scheduled Account and Envelope Transfers
  • Added: HTML emails for password reset
  • Added: Support for affiliate referrals

December 6

iPhone Release 1.1.1, 1.1.2

  • Fixed: Crash bug for users on iOS4.x

November 20

iPhone Release 1.1

  • Added: Faster transaction entry, including auto-suggest Envelope and Account
  • Added: In-app registration
  • Added: Easier budget creation and editing
  • Added: Animated progress bars
  • Added: Automatic login to mobile website
  • Added: Forgot password support

November 17

Web Release 1.16.6

  • Fixed: Optimized forms, tables, and charts for mobile Web
  • Fixed: Better import matching logic
  • Fixed: Better payment processing (back end)

October 26

iPhone Release 1.0.1

  • Envelopes Overview
  • Transaction History
  • Variety of ways to fund Envelopes
  • Proper Unallocated Money handling

October 26

Web Release 1.16.5

  • Added: Help Site – Getting Started Guide, How To Videos
  • Added: Better navigation in fat footer
  • Added: Images and information about iPhone app

September 16

Web Release 1.16.3

  • Bugfix: Remembered refill drop-down was not tap-able in some mobile browsers
  • Bugfix: Import CSV handles complex date, amount, and currency formats (Plus/Premium)

Android Release,

  • Fixed: In some cases, background process didn’t shut down after sync
  • Fixed: Display amount of distribution from unallocated

September 8

Web Release 1.16.2

  • Bugfix: Envelope Balances Report cuts off at midnight
  • Bugfix: Unallocated Money adjustments for envelopes deleted on device
  • Bugfix: Import OFX 2.0 (Plus/Premium)

September 1

Web Release 1.16.1

  • Bugfix: Payee auto-fill ignores deleted transactions
  • Added: Login error message for users with cookies turned off
  • Bugfix: Import OFC, semicolon-separated CSV; in rare cases, drag-and-drop froze on some versions of IE (Plus/Premium)
  • Bugfix: Reminder emails show account balances, transaction amounts (Plus/Premium)
  • Bugfix: Unallocated Money adjustments for deleted envelopes & accounts (Plus/Premium)

August 18

Web Release 1.16

  • Added: Change monthly envelopes to irregular and vice versa
  • Added: Auto-suggest payee names for expense transactions
  • Added: Receive income and keep unallocated to distribute later (now all users)
  • Added: Schedule recurring expenses/credits, incomes, distributions, envelope transfers, and account transfers (Plus/Premium)
  • Added: Import bank statement as CSV in addition to OFX/QFX (Plus/Premium)
  • Added: Drag and drop imported transactions to frequently used envelopes (Plus/Premium)
  • Fixed: In IE9, drag and drop to match imported transactions and reconcile bank statements (Plus/Premium)

June 13

Android Release

  • Added: Ability to select currency format on-device. Choose your currency symbol, decimal separator (. or ,) and number of digits to the right of the decimal point
  • Changed: some string handling, in preparation for language localization (Contact us if you have a translation you can help out with!)

Android Release,

  • Changed: Envelopes with $0 budget show full green if have any money, full red if have negative money

May 2

Android Release

  • Added: option to move to SD. Please note, however, that if you do this, you won’t be able to use the widget due to a current technical limitation in Android (see this article for details).
  • Added: animation when “sync’ing now”
  • Added: cursor for insertion point in calculator
  • Bugfix: issue on signup flow where post-registration back button dropped you back into signup
  • Bugfix: issues on signup flow where back button allowed for creating duplicate envelopes

March 30

Android Release 1.6.2

  • Option to delete preloaded payees
  • Bugfix: in some rare cases EEBA would stop syncing after deleting an envelope via device
  • Added: ability to send internal device database to support for troubleshooting when necessary

March 24

Web Release 1.15

  • Added: advance email to subscribers with upcoming yearly payments
  • Added: preference for auto-expanding Envelope Groups. Applies to Envelopes Overview, Budget Allocation and Expense Breakdown reports.
  • Added: Filter by status (cleared, reconciled, neither) on the Transaction History screen (Plus/Premium)
  • Added: ability to deactivate the “2 week” remembered logins
  • Fixed: sorting on the Envelopes Overview when using Groups
  • Fixed: Expense by Month report: which expenses were picked to show in graph, mobile display of legend
  • Fixed: Ability to edit the initial adjustment created when using “Fix This” (Plus/Premium)
  • Fixed: Recurring Expenses: Sort order issue when in DD/MM mode. Also changed default sort order.
  • Fixed: Tags that were immediately followed by a comma or semi-colon are no longer saved with the comma / semi-colon.

March 10

Android Release

  • Added haptic feedback when using calculator (if you have haptic feedback enabled on your phone)
  • Bugfix: Add Money button wouldn’t update text when using calculator

March 7

Android Release 1.6.1

  • Added preference to use “classic” transactions list view
  • Added new permission that allows EEBA to finish syncing txns if you turn the screen off. Will not prevent device from actually sleeping.

February 22

Android Release

  • Added preference to turn off calculator
  • Bugfix: non-decimal point locales truncate cents in calculator

February 18

Android Release

  • Bugfix: Fix crash on Android OS 1.5 (Cupcake)

February 17

Android Release 1.6.0

  • In-app calculator
  • Option to Sync Now
  • Expanded Transaction list showing envelope and running balance in Envelopes and Accounts (Plus/Premium) views
  • Option to set Date order preference (m/d or d/m)
  • Timezone-awareness – fixes issue where dates on app and website looked different; primarily affected non-U.S. users

February 4

Web Release 1.14

  • Use computer’s local time when entering transactions on the web.  This fixes the issue where the default date was incorrect.
  • Additional timezone-related fixes coming in the next device release will fix the issue where the website shows some transactions a day earlier.
  • Support for d/m date formatting.  Set in My Account…Household Preferences.
  • “Remember Me” – stay logged into the website for up to two weeks.
  • Security: Fixed browser security warning on some reports pages.  (Replaced Google charts library)
  • Bugfix: iPad uses full website instead of mobile version.


December 16

Android Release

  • Bugfix: Delete Quick Transactions. Previously Delete did nothing…
  • Bugfix: Rounding Error for transactions over 9,999.99. Transactions would look OK, and then on sync back down would be rounded to nearest .1 (Thanks, Brian!)
  • Bugfixes: some less common force closes affecting the widget when accessing an account or envelope that was deleted. Now those QuickTransactions no longer show.

December 15

Web Release 1.13

  • Running balances now displayed on Transaction History. This feature is active when one Envelope or Group is selected OR when one Account is selected. It is not active if tags are chosen or you are conducting a search for particular text / check number
  • Cleared Balance: now showing on Transaction History when one account selected and on the Accounts Overview page
  • Account Overview page: Subtotals added for Assets vs. Liabilities
  • Bugfix: Groups work better with characters like Ampersands, Slashes, Number sign
  • Bugfix: allow for no leading zero in amounts on entry
  • Bugfix: Status bar when budget is 0, no longer shows 100%

November 23

Android Release

  • Fix Force Close error occurring even when EEBA does not appear to be running (background service which assists with sync)
  • Fix Editing Incomes when envelopes are hidden

November 19

Android Release 1.5.0

  • Major change to sync model to allow for syncing more items from app to site
  • Ability to manage envelopes, budgets, budgeting period via app
  • Allow for device-specific envelope order, hiding of envelopes
  • Configured Quick Transactions now sync’ed to server (could be restored to the same device if you happened to logout)
  • Incorporate budget period setting to sign up flow
  • Incorporate info about “ahead/behind” and how it’s calculated
  • Fixed calculation of ahead/behind to calculate based on *end of day* (versus beginning of day. Fixed logic for weekly and semi-monthly.

November 19

Web Release 1.12

  • Clearing transactions directly from Transaction History
  • API changes to support syncing more from device

October 20

Web Release 1.11

  • Improvements to income: Support for Unallocated Income, sweep envelope, specify total income amount
  • OFX/QFX transaction import and intelligent matching (Users with Accounts activated)

October 7

Web Release 1.10

  • Improved transaction history display
  • Split details on transaction download
  • Improved subscription upgrades (immediate)
  • Overdraft warning on recurring expenses
  • Additional emails: on recurring payment, subscription expire
  • Variety of bugfixes