My linked Account stopped syncing transactions. Will I lose that data?

Goodbudget will do its best to import your transactions as long as your Premium subscription remains active. However, you might experience a pause in your automatically imported data if the connection between your Goodbudget Account and your linked account is interrupted. 

This is uncommon, but can happen for a number of reasons, such as if you change your bank password or change the two-factor authentication settings on your bank login.

If that happens, you’ll need to re-link your bank account so that transactions can start flowing again. 

If the connection is fixed within 30 days of being interrupted, Goodbudget should be able to import all of the data that wasn’t imported during the interruption. 

If the connection is broken for longer than 30 days, Goodbudget may not be able to automatically import data beyond that 30-day mark. In that case, you can fill in the missing transactions manually, or upload a bank file that contains the missing data.

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