Automatic Bank Sync

How to Link Your Accounts

If you like the idea of making the transaction entry part of budgeting a little more hands-off, linking your real-life accounts with your Goodbudget ones might be for you. With the Premium plan, you’re able

When Synced Transactions Will Show Up

With Goodbudget Premium, you’re able to link your Goodbudget Accounts with your real-life ones so transactions are automatically imported. Here’s how much transaction data you can expect to get when you link your bank account.

Can I match my synced transactions?

When you link accounts using the Premium plan, all of the transactions you make in real life will get automatically imported into your budget. If you also use Goodbudget’s scheduling feature, you may inadvertently create

Re-link Accounts When Syncing Stops

When you link one of your real-life accounts to a Goodbudget Account, that Goodbudget Account will begin to receive your new transactions from that day forward. When you make a new purchase on the real-life

Which Banks Can Sync with Goodbudget

With Goodbudget’s automatic bank syncing feature offered with the Premium plan, you’re able to connect your real-life banks with your Goodbudget ones. When you link Accounts, your transactions are automatically imported into Goodbudget for easier

When do transactions get automatically imported each day?

If you’ve linked your Goodbudget Account to an outside financial institution using the Premium plan, you might be wondering when you should expect to see your automatically imported transactions appear. Goodbudget uses a service called

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