Buy a car. Give a car?

Most budgeters would recommend buying a car with cash, driving it into the ground, and selling what’s left for scraps. That’s not what Jeff did.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why Jeff decided to buy a new car even though he had a perfectly good one
  • What was important when deciding what to do with his old car
  • How he feels about his decision a few years later

Jeff said the car he replaced “had way lower [mileage] than you’d expect.”

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1 thought on “Buy a car. Give a car?”

  1. I love Jeff’s journey of discovering what was important. At first, he was on board with selling his old Civic. But, then he realized the car was more valuable as a gift to someone who needed it more than he needed those dollars! I’m definitely not in the place where I can give a car away, but it does get me thinking about ways I can be generous with things I have. For example, I have probably 5 coats, of which I wear 2. I can definitely be generous and gifts the others away to people who need them more than I do.


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