How one family budgeted for baby and childcare

Balancing work, babies, and budgets? Hear Chi-En and Bruce share how they decided whether to stay at home or work — and how they planned for childcare costs.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How they planned to budget for baby
  • What kinds of childcare options they considered, or didn’t
  • The implications of childcare costs on their budget
  • How they talked about adjusting work schedules to spend more time with family
  • Their decision to bring others into their planning conversations
  • How they experienced generosity in unexpected ways

Chi-En confides “some daycares cost about as much as our mortgage.”

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3 thoughts on “How one family budgeted for baby and childcare”

  1. I know that hand-me-downs can have a negative or sad connotation. However, Chi-En and Bruce’s story really sheds a heartwarming light on hand-me-downs–the pink baby romper is such a beautiful symbol of ongoing generosity and support from your community.

  2. I think Bruce and Chin-En story is great but I feel like it missed some details around budgeting like how they calculated how much to set aside for when they were expecting. Also, it would be nice to heard another story or two in which a family budgeted for daycare as the option or stay at home. The options Bruce and Chin-En had are not possible for everyone. Yes, we all want to make a schedule that allows us to be at home and spend as much time as possible with our family but that may not always be possible. Great story but I did not walk away with any great budgeting ideas/inspiration

    • Hi Nicole, we’d love to respond to your comments and questions in the season finale! Can you let us know what kinds of budgeting details and calculations you’d want to hear? If you leave a voice comment above, your own voice could be included in the season finale too. And yes, we know that there’s a wide variety of how families budget for daycare and/or stay-at-home parenting, and we’d love to showcase more of these stories. If there’s someone you have in mind that you’d want us to invite as a guest, we’re all ears.

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