Release – EEBA back on Market

As some of you may have noticed, we pulled EEBA from Market after our 1.5.0 release last Friday. We identified some bugs that we thought would cause some folks to be concerned about their data (but because the data is sync’ed to the website, your data was safe). These are the items that were fixed: … Read more

EEBA gets a widget!

EEBA got a cute addition yesterday: a 4×1 widget. A widget is something that sits on your phone’s home screen and can provide some functionality without actually opening up the application. In EEBA’s case, we thought that the thing that was most important was to allow you to quickly add common transactions–like the bus fare … Read more

EEBA featured by Verizon!

EEBA got a nice mention in a press release by Verizon. Verizon selected a handful of apps that they thought would be helpful for new grads, and EEBA was one of them. Planning a budget is simple with the app Easy Envelope Budget Aid. Grads can monitor daily, weekly and monthly spending, so they can cover … Read more

Budget Period Options, In-line Editing, App Splits

Hi there, Now that it’s 2010, how’s your budget coming? If you haven’t checked out EEBA lately, we’ve tweaked a bunch of things and added new features, many of them suggested by you! Especially if you signed up early (thanks!) and thought EEBA was *too* simple, come back! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. New … Read more

More Envelopes, Splits, Basic Charts, and Remembered Refills

Hi there, We’re excited to announce a number of new features for EEBA, many of them suggested by you! New Website Features Our website release this past Monday includes: Splits! Split a transaction over multiple envelopes. For when your trip to the grocery store also includes other purchases. Remembered refills. Use these to refill your … Read more

New Website, Features

Hi there, First of all, thanks for trying out our Easy Envelope Budget Aid. We’re thrilled that so many people have decided to try out our little service. We truly hope that you’ve enjoyed using EEBA as much as we’ve enjoyed building it. Less than a month after we made EEBA available, thousands of you … Read more