5 Money Lessons My Mom Taught Me

Like every kid, I learned a lot about money just by being part of my family. Some of those lessons were taught to me directly, and some things I learned by watching, indirectly. Since Mother’s Day is coming up, I thought it’d be fun to reflect on what I learned about money from my mom, … Read more

What We’re Perusing #3

This is the third edition of our occasional What We’re Perusing newsletter. This time, we’ll take a look at inequality in wealth and jobs. And for a bit of fun, we’ll hear about the economy of a place very few of us have ever been. VIDEO: Why the Rich Get Richer – Wealth Inequality Explained … Read more

What We’re Perusing #2

This is the second edition of our occasional What We’re Perusing newsletter. These are some of the pieces that have made us think lately, and we hope they can provoke some interesting thoughts and conversations for you as well. Perhaps one of them might even make you laugh. ARTICLE: Why the stock market is at … Read more

How to Budget for Maternity and Paternity Leave

Congratulations! You’re going to be welcoming a brand new person into your family! Whether your new child is joining your family by birth or adoption, this is an exciting time for you and a time of significant change for your budget. When you think about budgeting for a new child, clothes and gear — and … Read more

How to Budget for Childcare

When it comes to recurring expenses for your little one, childcare is likely to be the biggest. Even if you stay home and don’t pay for childcare, you may be giving up a significant part of the income you’ve been used to. Making a decision about how to budget for childcare can feel weighty and … Read more

Thank You

Dear Goodbudgeters, In a year that has been marked by such enormous changes in the world around us and in our daily lives, I’m struck by how constant your relationship with us at Goodbudget has been. You have tried to keep spending, saving, and giving to what’s important even as circumstances around you have changed. … Read more

Redefining Enough

One of the big ideas in The Goodbudget Way is “Decide what’s enough”. To truly budget with a why, we need to know where we draw our lines so we can decide how much we hope to spend, save, and give… and be content. And in 2020, we’ve had plenty of reasons to rethink our … Read more

What We’re Perusing #1

Welcome to the first What We’re Perusing newsletter, and thanks for coming on this journey with us. We’ve got a lot to learn and are eager to explore more about our world and society, and it sounds like you feel the same way.  We hope you’ll dive into the pieces below.  ARTICLE: What is Redlining … Read more