[Podcast] Getting into debt is easy…

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Getting into debt is easy, but getting out of it can be hard. In Season 2 of The Goodbudget Way, we’ll hear Karisa share about her journey with debt. She shares her experience getting into debt — and how she managed to pay off $40,000 of debt in just two years. And while that might sound impressive, it wasn’t all smooth sailing on her journey. She’ll also share the tough moments and setbacks she faced, just like many of us do when we try to pay off debt or reach other financial goals. The podcast launches Next...

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Podcast Sneak Preview: The Goodbudget Way Season 2

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In Season 2, we’re doing things a little differently. We’re focusing on one person’s story of getting into debt and how they paid it all off. In this sneak preview, Karisa shares with us about one particular debt she took on in addition to the student loans she had already signed up for. – Chi-En and the Goodbudget Team  

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[Podcast] Season 2 coming soon!

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  Get ready for Season 2 of Goodbudget’s podcast, The Goodbudget Way! You’ll hear from Karisa as she shares her experience of getting into $40,000 of debt… and paying it all off. Get sneak previews and be the first to hear when the podcast comes out. Join the list! – Chi-En and the Goodbudget...

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Web: Debt Accounts are here!

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Get started now. Here’s how. Pick the option that shows how you’ve been keeping track of your debts in Goodbudget so far. Option 1: Payments only, no debt balances If you’ve been tracking your monthly payment with a regular Envelope and not tracking the balance of your debt using an Account, you can find instructions on how to transition here. Option 2: Debt Balances, and Payments too If you’ve been using our old workaround with Debt Balance Envelopes to track your debt balance, you can see how to transition here. Learn more...

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Fixes make Goodbudget better

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We want Goodbudget to work better for everyone! So, we’ve made some improvements to make Goodbudget work better for you. Here are some changes we’ve made: Fixed widget crashing on Android 8 Added compatibility for iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR Added Force touch for iPhone Fixed an issue where the website would freeze when adding a new transaction See more here Web: Debt Accounts are now available Track your debt payoff progress using new Debt Accounts on the web. Use these off-budget accounts to visually track your remaining debt balance,...

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Having debt is a drag…

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…and tracking it in Goodbudget has been a pain So we wanted to do something about that, because you told us our old workaround for tracking debt wasn’t working for you. Here’s what didn’t work about it: There was no good way to track the balances on debts you were working to pay off. It made your Unallocated massively negative, making it impossible to know how much to fill your Envelopes. Even if you managed to get Unallocated back to something reasonable, there were still too many steps just to record a single debt payment. But...

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