How do I link my bank accounts to Goodbudget?

If you like the idea of making the transaction entry part of budgeting a little more hands-off, linking your real-life accounts with your Goodbudget ones might be for you. 

With the Premium plan, you’re able to add as many supported bank connections as you’d like, and link those to as many of your Checking, Savings, and Cash Accounts as you need. When you link your accounts, your transactions will be automatically imported into Goodbudget, so you don’t have to worry about manually adding them every time. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to add a bank connection in Goodbudget and then link the account to its Goodbudget counterpart while on the web. To learn more how the Accounts feature works in Goodbudget, head over to our Getting Started Series.

Link accounts on the Web

To get started, first click on the ‘Add/Edit’ button on the ‘Accounts’ tab. Next, click ‘Edit’ beside the Account you’d like to link, and then on ‘Add Bank Connection.’ 

From there, you’ll be redirected to Plaid, which is the service that allows Goodbudget to sync with your outside financial institutions. Select the institution you’d like to sync with, and then you’ll be prompted to enter your bank credentials. Note that your bank may require additional authentication via a code or some other method before the connection process is complete. Those on-screen prompts may be different depending on which bank you select. 

After you’ve added your financial institution, you’ll be redirected back to the ‘Add/Edit Accounts’ page. Click on the ‘– Link to Bank Account –’ dropdown menu and select the bank account you’d like to link with the Goodbudget Account you’re editing. Don’t see the account you just added? Try refreshing your browser tab. Once done, ‘Save Changes’ to keep the link. 

Let the syncing begin!

Now that you’ve linked your account(s), your new transactions will start rolling in on their own. All you’ll need to do is ‘Confirm’ them after they’ve been automatically imported.

Want to unlink your accounts?

No problem! You can easily unlink your accounts via the website by heading back to the Edit Accounts page, clicking on ‘Edit’ next to the Account you’d like to unlink, and then on ‘Unlink Account.’ Be sure to ‘Save Changes’ to confirm the unlinking. All of your previously automatically-imported transactions will remain assigned to the Goodbudget Account, even after it’s been unlinked from your outside bank account, but no new transactions will appear. 

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