I linked an account. When will my transactions show up?

With Goodbudget Premium, you’re able to link your Goodbudget Accounts with your real-life ones so transactions are automatically imported. 

Here’s how much transaction data you can expect to get when you link your bank account. 

Goodbudget imports new transactions going forward

Whether your Goodbudget Account is brand new or existed before you linked it to a real-life account, only transactions made after the account was linked will be automatically imported. These transactions will take about a business day or so to appear in Goodbudget, so if you make a purchase on the day you link, you can expect that item to appear within the next few business days. 

The exact timing of when new transactions will import into your Goodbudget depends on your particular bank and on the schedule in which they send new information to Goodbudget.

Q: Can I get more data?

Goodbudget will only import new transactions going forward. If your Account is new and doesn’t have any data, you can manually import older transactions by downloading your recent transaction activity from your bank and uploading it to Goodbudget.

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