How do I change the order of my Envelopes?

In this article, learn how to change the order of your Envelopes on Goodbudget Web, iPhone, and Android. Web To change the order of your Envelopes on the Web, go to the Add/Edit Envelopes page and hover the mouse over the Envelope you wish to move. You’ll see a four-pointed arrow appear to the left … Read more

What are the different Transaction types in Goodbudget?

Transaction type GB icon Effect Example Expense Subtracts money from Envelope(s) and either decreases balance of Checking, Savings, Cash Account or increases balance of Credit Card Account Buying something at the store Credit Adds money to Envelope(s) and either increases balance of Checking, Savings, Cash Account or decreases balance of Credit Card Account Getting a … Read more

How can I reset my Envelopes’ balances every month?

It’s a new month and you’ve Filled your Envelopes again. But last month you had overspent in a few Envelopes and spent less than you budgeted in others, and now those deficits and surpluses have been carried forward into the new month. However, you want last month’s spending to only affect last month — how … Read more

How do I get rid of unwanted Payee names?

The Payee suggestions that appear when you begin entering a Payee come from a list of all Payees you’ve entered for past transactions. Additionally, on mobile, there is a default list of commonly-used Payees that will offer suggestions unless that list is turned off. How to remove default Payees: On iPhone, go to the More … Read more

What does “Save & New” do?

When you create a new transaction through the Add Transaction window on the Web, there are two save options, Save and Save & New. Clicking Save is best for entering single transactions, as it will save the currently entered transaction and then close the window. Save & New should be used when entering many transactions … Read more

Can I archive my Envelopes or Accounts?

You can archive an Envelope or Account in Goodbudget by deleting it on the Edit Envelopes or Edit Accounts page. Note that deletion is a permanent action and cannot be undone. Transactions connected to a deleted Envelope or Account will not be deleted, and will remain in the household’s transaction history and in the Reports. … Read more

Current Balance and Running Balance

The current balance (displayed at left, in sidebar) for your Envelopes and Accounts should always match the running balance (at right, in transactions list). If the two numbers are not matching, first try refreshing the page to see if one of the numbers simply hasn’t updated. If this still doesn’t clear up the issue, send … Read more

Change Existing Primary Envelopes to More Envelopes

How do I change some of my Primary Envelopes into More Envelopes? Changing your existing Primary Envelopes to More Envelopes will allow you keep your transaction history for each Envelope. Here’s how: 1. Click on “+Add” under the More Envelopes bar to create a More Envelope for any period. Note, you’ll need to have at least one Envelope in … Read more

How do I move multiple transactions at the same time?

With Bulk Edit on the web, you can perform a single action on multiple transactions at the same time. That makes it easy to move existing transactions to a new Envelope or Account. You can also change the name of multiple transactions at the same time, or apply a tag! Check out the video below … Read more