FAQ: How to start in the middle of the month

Q: It’s the middle of the month and I want to start using Goodbudget. Do I need to wait till the end of the month, or can I get started with Goodbudget today? The best time to start a budget is now. Whether you’re just tracking your expenses, budgeting off your income, or using Accounts … Read more

Get Back on Track

Are you returning to Goodbudget after taking a long break? If your envelopes and accounts are way behind and you don’t want to go back and update your past transaction information, here’s how you get a fresh start. 1. Reset your Envelopes back to 0. Your transaction history won’t go anywhere. We’ll reset your envelopes … Read more

I Forgot My Username. Where Can I Find It?

If you are already logged into the website, click on the “My Household” link on the top right of the page. Your username will appear in a field at the top of the next page. If you want to recover your username, head to our forgot password page and enter your email address. We’ll send you … Read more

What’s the difference between “Add all” and “Set all”?

“Add budgeted amount” will roll over the leftovers and add the budgeted amount back in, while “Set to budget amount” tops off what’s left in your Envelopes to get your Envelope back to exactly full. For example, you have an Envelope with a budget of 50.00 and at the end of your budgeting period, you have 5.00 … Read more

Add Goodbudget to Your Devices

Goodbudget is available wherever you have internet access. You can access Goodbudget on your computer, tablet, iPhone, or Android smartphone. Changes are backed up automatically so you’ll always know how much you have to spend no matter which device you’re using. Use Goodbudget on your home computer or tablet Head to the Goodbudget website and … Read more

Add, Edit, or Delete Envelopes

You can add, edit, or delete Envelopes on the web, iPhone, and Android. On the Web Log in to the Goodbudget webpage and click the “Add/Edit” button in the Envelopes tab.  On the “Edit Envelopes” page you can reorder your Envelopes by dragging them up or down, edit them by changing the name or budget amount, … Read more

Build up a One Month Cushion

We all know it’s better to have a little cushion in our budget. What we don’t all know -or what we don’t yet believe- is that we can all have one. Well believe it! You can save up a one month cushion and Goodbudget can help! Start with a Budget that Makes Sense Building up … Read more

Re-Fill Your Envelopes Each Budgeting Period

You’ve been diligently recording expenses and adding your incomes as they’ve come up for the past month. Things have been going great–but it’s a new month and you notice that your Envelopes haven’t re-filled. What’s going on?  How do I re-fill my Envelopes? With Goodbudget, you have complete control over when and how your Envelopes refill. You can set them to … Read more

How do I change my budget period in Goodbudget?

Your budget period is the recurrence that you set your budget to start on. We recommend setting your budget period to match the day you receive your income. Most people have a budget period that starts on the 1st of the month and we recommend that budget period if you have multiple or variable incomes. … Read more

How do I Transfer between my Envelopes / Accounts?

To create an Envelope or Account transfer, just click on the orange “Add Transaction” button at the top left of the homepage. Select the “Transfer” tab to enter the amount and choose your transfer type.  You can check the “Schedule this…” box if you want your transfer to automatically repeat. On iPhone, add a Transfer … Read more