Automatic Bank Sync

How to Upload Bank Files

Note: This article describes manually uploading a bank file. It is not the same as manually importing bank transactions, which allows you to import transactions and match them with your existing ones. This is also

Confirm Your Automatically Imported Transactions

With Goodbudget’s Premium plan, you’re able to link your Goodbudget Accounts with your real-life ones.  After you create a link, your transactions from that account will automatically import into your budget, and all you’ll need

Can I link accounts on my Android phone?

With Goodbudget Premium, you’re able to connect Goodbudget with your financial institutions so that your transactions are automatically imported.  While Goodbudget Premium is available to everyone, you’ll need to link your Accounts on the web

How does Automatic Bank Sync work?

Goodbudget Premium allows you to link your Goodbudget Accounts to your real-life ones. When you do that, transactions you make are automatically imported into Goodbudget, making tracking your budget a little simpler. If you’re curious

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