Budgeting with Goodbudget

Current Balance and Running Balance

The current balance (displayed at left, in sidebar) for your Envelopes and Accounts should always match the running balance (at right, in transactions list). If the two numbers are not matching, first try refreshing the

What does “Save & New” do?

When you create a new transaction through the Add Transaction window on the Web, there are two save options, Save and Save & New. Clicking Save is best for entering single transactions, as it will

What are the different Transaction types in Goodbudget?

In this article, we’ll cover each icon you can encounter while using Goodbudget.  Transaction Types These are the different transaction types you might see using Goodbudget, and their corresponding web icons. Transaction type GB icon

What is Available money?

When you have money that is able to be used for spending, but is not in an Envelope, that money is placed in the Available bucket (formerly called Unallocated). Another way of thinking about it

Why is my Available balance…?

To learn more about what Available money is and what you can do with it, read our help article: What is Available money? In this article we’ll cover some common questions related to Available money

Re-link Accounts When Syncing Stops

When you link one of your real-life accounts to a Goodbudget Account, that Goodbudget Account will begin to receive your new transactions from that day forward. When you make a new purchase on the real-life

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