Budgeting with Goodbudget

Add, Edit, or Delete Envelopes

You can add, edit or delete Envelopes on the web, Android or iPhone. On the web Just login to the Goodbudget webpage and click the “Add/Edit” button in the Envelopes tab.  On the “Edit Envelopes” page you can

How to Budget with a 4-Week Paycheck

If you get paid every four weeks, you’ll receive 13 paychecks over the course of the year. The best way to budget for that is with a monthly budgeting period based off one of your

Add Goodbudget to Your Devices

Goodbudget is available wherever you have internet access. You can access Goodbudget on your computer, tablet, iPhone, or Android smartphone. Changes are synced automatically so you’ll always know how much you have to spend. Use Goodbudget

I Forgot My Username. Where Can I Find It?

If you are already logged into the website, click on the “My Household” link on the top right of the page. Your username will appear in a field at the top of the next page.

Get Back on Track

Are you returning to Goodbudget after taking a long break? If your envelopes and accounts are way behind and you don’t want to go back and update your past transaction information, here’s how you get

Why is my Unallocated balance…?

To learn more about what Unallocated money is and what you can do with it, read our help article: What is Unallocated Money? In this article we’ll cover some common questions related to Unallocated money.

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