Why is my Available balance…?

To learn more about what Available money is and what you can do with it, read our help article: What is Available money? In this article we’ll cover some common questions related to Available money (formally called Unallocated). Why is my Available balance so high? There are a few reasons why your Available balance might … Read more

What is Available money?

When you have money that is able to be used for spending, but is not in an Envelope, that money is placed in the Available bucket (formerly called Unallocated). Another way of thinking about it is that your Available balance equals the sum of money in your Accounts minus the sum of money in your … Read more

Confirm Your Automatically Imported Transactions

With Goodbudget’s Premium Plan, you’re able to link your Goodbudget Accounts with your real-life ones. After you create a link, your transactions from that account will automatically import into your budget. That means your spending and paychecks will populate in Goodbudget on their own, and all you’ll need to do is confirm that they’ve been … Read more

How do I link my bank accounts to Goodbudget?

If you like the idea of making the transaction entry part of budgeting a little more hands-off, linking your real-life accounts with your Goodbudget ones might be for you. With the Premium Plan, you’re able to add as many supported bank connections as you’d like, and link those to as many of your Checking, Savings … Read more

Which banks can I link to my Accounts?

With Goodbudget’s automatic bank syncing feature offered with the Premium Plan, you’re able to connect your real-life banks with your Goodbudget ones. When you link Accounts, your transactions are automatically imported into Goodbudget for easier tracking. Here’s a breakdown of the kinds of external accounts you can link to Goodbudget. Q: Which kinds of accounts … Read more