How do I link my bank accounts to Goodbudget?

If you like the idea of making the transaction entry part of budgeting a little more hands-off, linking your real-life accounts with your Goodbudget ones might be for you. With the Premium plan, you’re able to add as many supported bank connections as you’d like, and link those to as many of your Checking, Savings, … Read more

When do transactions get automatically imported each day?

If you’ve linked your Goodbudget Account to an outside financial institution using the Premium plan, you might be wondering when you should expect to see your automatically imported transactions appear. Goodbudget uses a service called Plaid to allow you to connect your Goodbudget Accounts with your bank accounts. But it’s the banks that get to … Read more

Will Goodbudget match my automatically-imported transactions with my scheduled ones?

When you link accounts using the Premium plan, all of the transactions you make in real life will get automatically imported into your budget.  If you also use Goodbudget’s scheduling feature, you may inadvertently create duplicate transactions since Goodbudget currently cannot match your automatically-imported transactions with your existing ones.  To avoid that, be sure to … Read more

I have two imported transactions for my credit card payment. What should I do?

If you’ve linked multiple accounts with Goodbudget’s Premium plan, you may find on occasion that you have two automatically-imported transactions that represent a single real-life transaction. For example, if you’ve linked both a checking account and a credit card account to Goodbudget, you may end up with two transactions, a credit and an expense, that … Read more

Which banks can I link to my Accounts?

With Goodbudget’s automatic bank syncing feature offered with the Premium plan, you’re able to connect your real-life banks with your Goodbudget ones. When you link Accounts, your transactions are automatically imported into Goodbudget for easier tracking. Here’s a breakdown of the kinds of external accounts you can link to Goodbudget. Q: Which kinds of accounts … Read more

My linked Account stopped syncing transactions. Will I lose that data?

Goodbudget will do its best to import your transactions as long as your Premium subscription remains active. However, you might experience a pause in your automatically imported data if the connection between your Goodbudget Account and your linked account is interrupted.  This is uncommon, but can happen for a number of reasons, such as if … Read more

How to Upload Bank Files with the Premium Plan

Premium subscribers have the option of uploading a bank file as an alternative method of entering transactions (note that this is not the same as the manual import that exists on the Free and Plus plans). When you upload a bank file this way, you’ll be able to add multiple transactions at once and have … Read more

Confirm Your Automatically Imported Transactions

With Goodbudget’s Premium plan, you’re able to link your Goodbudget Accounts with your real-life ones.  After you create a link, your transactions from that account will automatically import into your budget, and all you’ll need to do is confirm that they’ve been imported correctly.  Here’s how you can confirm transactions on the web, and on … Read more

My bank balance and Goodbudget Account balance don’t match. What should I do?

Your Goodbudget Account balances help you know what you have available to spend or budget with in real-life. Because you’ll make spending decisions based on your Goodbudget Account balances, it’s important that those Accounts accurately match what you have in your actual bank. Adjust your Account balances to make them match If your Goodbudget Account … Read more