The Goodbudget Way is signing off… for now.

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Thanks for listening to Season 1 of The Goodbudget Way podcast. We hope you’ve enjoyed listening as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing these stories to you. Our flagship app, Goodbudget, is still going strong! We’re taking a chunky break from podcasting so we can do the in-depth research, recording, and editing to come back with […]

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Listen to the Season 1 Q & A with Chi-En

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Hear what listeners had to say about what inspired them to budget with a why — and what they thought was crazy. Plus, hear what’s next for The Goodbudget Way podcast. In this finale episode you’ll hear from: Listeners who were challenged by what they heard Folks who’ve been inspired to take another look at […]

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Goodbudget has a podcast! Wanna listen?

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The Goodbudget Way podcast is live and ready for your listening pleasure! In the show, we share stories of real-life people who spend, save and give to what’s truly important in life. We hope you’ll check it out. You can listen to The Goodbudget Way on the Apple Podcasts app, or wherever you get your podcasts. […]

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Buy a house… after giving savings away? (Pt 2)

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Last time, we heard how Juliette and Chi-Ming sold their home. But, did they find an affordable home to move in to? Hear the second half of the story. In this episode you’ll hear: What kinds of homes they considered How they planned to buy without savings What compromises they made along the way How […]

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Buy a house… after giving savings away? (Pt 1)

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Thinking of buying a home? Hear Juliette and Chi-Ming share part of their unconventional story of looking for a new home, and the unexpected generosity they experienced. In this episode you’ll hear: Why they decided to move away from the home they loved Who they decided to sell their old house to How they thought […]

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Saving 1/3 of every paycheck

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How much have you saved for your next big purchase? Katey’s got a huge one in front of her: grad school. Hear how she saved up for the big expense. In this episode you’ll hear: How Katey managed to graduate from college without loans Why Katey chose to go to grad school and study architecture […]

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When saving for college isn’t enough

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College isn’t cheap, and sometimes savings aren’t enough. Brendan and his parents talk about saving for college… and how they made it work when savings didn’t cover it. In this episode you’ll hear: How they started planning when their kids were young What they did when they realized they couldn’t save enough Advice they got […]

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Budgeting for baby & childcare

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Balancing work, babies, and budgets? Hear Chi-En and Bruce share how they decided whether to stay at home or work — and how they planned for childcare costs. In this episode you’ll hear: How they planned to budget for baby What kinds of childcare options they considered, or didn’t The implications of childcare costs on […]

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Buy a car. Give a car?

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Most budgeters would recommend buying a car with cash, driving it into the ground, and selling what’s left for scraps. That’s not what Jeff did. In this episode you’ll hear: Why Jeff decided to buy a new car even though he had a perfectly good one What was important when deciding what to do with […]

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Downsizing on the way to retirement

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Do you have a retirement plan? Matt & Jenelle have gotten started on theirs. It involves moving onto a boat… In this episode you’ll hear: How they’re starting a new chapter as empty nesters Why they made the decision to live on a houseboat How they will deal with downsizing from 3BR to 1 tiny […]

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2 people. 1 couple. 1 budget.

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Is it hard or easy to share money with another person? Hear from Becky & Kenny as they share their experience of budgeting for the first time as a married couple. In this episode you’ll hear: Some of the struggles they faced sharing finances for the first time How they’re different — and how they’re […]

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Apartment Hunting on a Budget

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Finding an apartment can be tough. From figuring out what’s affordable, to being rejected by prospective landlords, it’s all pretty challenging. On top of that, how do you know what’s a “must have” and what’s not? In this episode, Karisa shares her experience of looking for her first apartment.  Here’s what you’ll hear: how she […]

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Welcome to the Goodbudget Way

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There’s more to budgeting than just numbers. Maybe you’ve thought there’s got to be more to this budgeting thing than just sitting down, crunching numbers, and trying to cut spending so as to not go over budget.  We’re right there with you. What’s amazing is that you (yes, you!) have found ways to make the […]

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Sneak Preview: Podcast coming Monday

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What’s important to you? Is it family and friends? Being generous? Budgets help us live out what’s important, whether that’s living close to people we love, or growing more deeply involved in our communities. The Goodbudget Way is about inspiring you to live out a budget that reflects what you value. Throughout the season, you’ll […]

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Podcast Sneak Preview: Kenny & Becky

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The Goodbudget Way is full of real life stories from people like Kenny & Becky. In their episode, they shared about their experience budgeting together during their first few months of marriage; check out the clip below. Get ready for Season 1, launching next Monday, October 9. – Chi-En and the Goodbudget Team &nbps;

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Podcast. Because budgeting is more than numbers

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Get ready for Goodbudget’s podcast, The Goodbudget Way! Budgeting is more than just dollars and cents. Our budgets help us live out what’s important, and folks like you have found really amazing ways to live out your values. Real life stories coming straight to your earbuds next month. Stay tuned! -Chi-En and the Goodbudget Team […]

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